See the new Metroid Dread Trailer

New nearly five-minute Metroid Dread trailer explains how the game wants to bring a sense of fear to players

We're less than a month away from the official release of Samus Aran's next adventure, Metroid Dread. And to help us get in the mood, a new Nintendo gameplay trailer is the best way to follow this long-awaited sequel to Nintendo Switch's Metroid Fusion and let everyone hype the new adventure of one of the world's first heroines. games.

In June, shortly after Nintendo announced Metroid Dread, franchise director Yoshio Sakamoto explained to Polygon website and to a group of reporters about their hopes for what a new Metroid game might offer in the modern age of video games. “Maybe this feeling of fear,” he said. "Like I said, younger players who haven't tried the series before might look at that fear-based gameplay and want to give it a try."

The Metroid Dread Trailer is shivering

A new gameplay trailer, released on Friday, shows how this sense of dread will work. Along with all the classic moves and world navigation mechanics from previous games (properly dubbed “metroivania”), Metroid Dread will add stealth elements to the mix, including a Samus fighter robot called EMMI at levels to ensure gamers' heartbeats a thousand per hour.

Watching the trailer, EMMI's nimble 2D moves and chrome armor promise to challenge even franchise veterans. The new Metroid Dread trailer sheds light on the variety of moves Samus will employ as he navigates ZDR, a vibrant Pandora-style planet filled with oceans, volcanoes and other places that require precise jumping to survive.

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Live this and many adventures with your Nintendo Switch.

don't be left out

This might not be too surprising to those familiar with the Metroid franchise, but for newcomers who think they've seen everything a side-scroller can do, the Metroid Dread trailer can send a shiver down your spine. But as Sakamoto said in the interview, in the end, the game is much more about overcoming the horrors through confidence than being perpetually terrified.

“It's really about Samus facing fear,” he said, “but she really opposes that fear and fights and wins. And that part is important.”

Face your Fears in Metroid Dread

Following the events of Metroid Fusion (2002), in which Samus eliminates the lethal X parasites along with the planet SR388, the Galactic Federation receives a video feed from an unknown source indicating that the Xs are still alive. They dispatch a special unit of seven robots EMMI (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier) ​​to ZDR, the source of the transmission. Soon, the unit disappears and Samus travels to ZDR to investigate.

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Metroid dread trailer
Metroid back to 2D

After landing on the planet's surface and starting to explore, Samus is confronted by a mysterious figure wearing a ChozoPower Suit. After a brief battle, the way back to the planet's surface is destroyed and Samus is summarily defeated. When she regains consciousness, Samus discovers she has lost all of her suit upgrades and has no choice but to keep looking for another way back to the planet's surface and back to her ship.

Metroid Dread is being developed by Nintendo EPD and Spanish developer MercurySteam, the studio that developed Metroid: Samus Returns (2017) for the Nintendo 3DS system. Yoshio Sakamoto said Nintendo revived the project, originally planned for the 3DS, after seeing what MercurySteam could do with its technology on the Nintendo Switch. It is the first Metroid 2D game that has not been a remake since Fusion and will be released on Nintendo Switch on October 8th.

Now, leave it there in the comments: What do you expect from this new adventure from Samus? Do you like the Metroid franchise? Contact us and enjoy to read more News on our website.

Source: Polygon

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