Minecraft Dungeons will have Jungle Awakens DLC in July

At first Minecraft Dungeons will receive two DLCs as part of the Hero Pass, the first of which has already been revealed by Mojang, who confirmed that it will be released in July. The first will be Jungle Awakens, being a set of adventures from three missions in the jungle. As well as new weapons, armor and artifacts; including new enemies, such as the maple leaf, the poisonous vine and the jungle zombie.

At first minecraft dungeons will receive two dlcs as part of the hero pass, the first of which has already been revealed by mojang.
Minecraft Dungeons to have DLC Jungle Awakens in July | Minecraft Dungeons

The second DLC has no release preview yet, but will be called Creeping Winter and will be released later this year. However, this information is still leaks and rumors, but that included screenshots of Creeping Winter, with a polar bear, as well as some cold and sad zombies and creepers. Check out the post on Reddit.

Minecraft dungeons to have dlc jungle awakens in July | 85c4354e w6r3bb6ezi051 | married games news | minecraft dungeons
Minecraft Dungeons to have DLC Jungle Awakens in July | Minecraft Dungeons

In addition to the DLC Mojang is also working on a cross-platform functionality patch, as well as new relevant free content.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is different from the ordinary game, it has a history, which at first comes down to a tale of a villager who became corrupted and is now a terrible villain; he's always spawning hordes of skeletons, creepers and other monsters from the Minecraft world.

The player's mission as a hero is to prevent the advance of all this evil around the world, facing different stages full of enemies, puzzles and challenges. At first the hero starts with simple equipment that can be upgraded, as well as can find or build new and stronger equipment.

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The game has a simple story, but it applies RPG principles well. As well as Diablo-based gameplay, with controls such as dodge, attack, healing potions and skill items very similar to the Blizzard game.

Minecraft Dungeons is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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