MMO Magic Legends is the new game inspired by the TCG of Magic: The Gathering

Based on the universe of collectible cards, Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is Magic Legends MMO it's the new game RPG action developed by Cryptic Studios and produced by the Perfect World studio.

Logo of the game mmo magic legends
Mmo magic legends logo

You will be able to choose between five classes of Planeswalker to face the challenges within the game. Check out the classes extracted from Magic: Legends Official Game Site.

Check out the Magic Legends MMO classes


These heroes are masters at using the power of the land to strike their enemies. Using melee battles of stone and lava, they advance to battle with goblins, kavu and earth elementals at their side.

Image of the geomancer class with its fists of stone and lava and with a hand raised upwards.
Mmo magic legends - geomancer class

Mind Mage

Fighting at a safe distance, this hero uses psychic powers to control objects with telekinesis and trap enemies with spells that put them to sleep or turn them against their own allies.

Image of the mind mage class displaying its psychic powers.
Mmo magic legends - mind mage class


The savage beast summoner who destroys enemies with crushing blows using his spiritual ax. You can summon various creatures for battle, including Aether Fox.

Image of the beastcaller class wielding an ax and a creature with horns in the background.
Mmo magic legends - beastcaller class


Using rays of light, this hero has the ability to hurt enemies and heal allies. You can summon angels, paladins and other creatures to protect you in battle.

Image of the sanctifier class with a staff in one hand and the other raised to emit a light.
Mmo magic legends - sanctifier class


The necromancer uses rituals to devastate and curse enemies. His connection to death allows him to create hordes of the undead for his own purposes.

Image of the necromancer class with a chain gun and the head of a creature at the tip emitting purple light.
Mmo magic legends - necromancer class

Magic Legends MMO Regions

As a Planeswalker you must travel through different terrains and regions to save the Magic Multiverse. The volcanic island of Dominaria called Shiv, the marshes of Benalia, the jungles of Zendikar known as Tazeem, the tropical region of Tolaria and the province of Innistrad, Gavony.

Image of the shiv region with a magic card beside it that was used as a reference and inspiration for the creation of the region.
Magic: legends shiv region
Image of the region of benalia.
Magic: legends benalia region
Image of the zendikar (tazeem) region.
Magic: legends zendikar region
Image of the region of tolaria.
Magic: legends tolaria region
Image of the region of gavony.
Magic: legends gavony region

The video posted by the YouTube channel Magic: Legends quickly shows two classes in gameplay: Geomancer and Mind Mage, venturing through the regions of Shiv and Benalia:

Playing alone or together with your friends in multiplayer mode, create your team according to the style of play you want. Collect fragments and evolve your spells to become more powerful.

You can register at Magic: Legends official website to play. When released, the game will be available for platforms Windows(through the Steam), Playstation 4 e Xbox One.

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