MOBILE PUGB Coach has a history of overcoming a game

After standing out as a pro player, Kevin Martins is coach of PUGB MOBILE he became coach of the current champion of America's Challenge 2021

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Kevin Martins

PUGB MOBILE has positively influenced the lives of many people. With the opportunities given by local championships and open to the community, several talents have been introduced to the competitive scenario of the game.

This is the story of Kevin Martins, a player since the beta version was released in 2017, became a pro player and is now the PUBG MOBILE coach of the America's Challenge 2021 champion team, Team Codasolid. Kevin is PCD, but that hasn't stopped him from building a career full of achievements inside and outside PUBG MOBILE.

Discover the history of the PUGB MOBILE coach

Despite having the potential questioned at the beginning, investing as a coach in the competitive scenario of PUBG MOBILE was a victory for the athlete. “That taught me a lot about overcoming, about not giving up, I even have a tattoo I got because of my 'giving up is not an option' trajectory, giving up is not an option.” Kevin commented.

In addition to coaching Team Codasolid, Kevin is also a black belt and a Karate teacher, a sport he has practiced since he was 6 years old and has shaped part of his potential as a coach with his learnings in the sport. “In karate I had a lot of difficulties and prejudices for being PCD, because I'm from the normal category, I fight against people who are not PCD in championships, so I learned a lot about not giving up and persisting”.

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In addition to being a PUBG MOBILE champion, Kevin also collects medals in karate, a sport in which he was three times Brazilian champion. Team Codasolid is participating in the PUBG MOBILE Pro League Brazil which can be watched through the official PUBG MOBILE channels on Youtube, Facebook, Nimo TV and Twitch.

PUGB MOBILE can be downloaded for free from website and you can read more about PUBG on our website.

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