Moonlighter has new expansion Between Dimensions

11 bit Studios has announced that the Moonlighter world will gain a ton of new content in the huge new expansion, Between Dimensions! As well as it is already available for Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. First of all check out the new launch trailer below:

The launch of this expansion is done in a special way, as Moonlighter surpassed the significant milestone of one million copies sold with less than two years on the market, with the highest revenue from sales on Nintendo Switch! The total number of players since November 2018 has reached 3,5 million. So 11 bit Studios from developer Digital Sun and Publisher share their thoughts on this achievement:

“Moonlighter was definitely a game changer for us and shaped what Digital Sun is today. The community around the game had already reached 100 players by the time we developed a number of free updates and now reached one million owners just in time for the new expansion to take over the consoles. Wow! Thanks to the players for all their support! ”- CEO of Digital Sun, Javi Gimenez

“When looking for games to publish, we always look for an extraordinary vibe ... something that leaves a mark. Digital Sun is a fantastic and talented team, and when we first saw Moonlighter, it immediately caught our attention and we were excited to work with them in the game. I am happy to say that this unique jewel is a huge success with the publication of 11 bit studios and we are excited to see Between Dimensions reaching the consoles. Congratulations to Digital Sun Games for creating such a successful game! ”- 11 bit Studios publishing director, Pawel Feldman

About the Between Dimensions expansion

Moonlighter has new expansion between dimensions
Moonlighter has new expansion Between Dimensions | Between Dimensions expansion

The Between Dimensions expansion first requires you to finish the base game first, but it brings a large number of new features to the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Finally, note that some content listed below will be available to all game owners for free.

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  • 10 new original enemies and 5 mini boss
  • A complete set of weapons with a new short sword, large sword, bow, gloves and spear
  • A new set of armor with helmet, chest and boots
  • Weapon trick - 10 unique weapons in total - powerful… and punitive!
  • New rings to increase Will's passive abilities
  • New store update, allowing Will to show his new interdimensional items
  • New clients wishing to trade and an unknown NPC: The Trader
  • Additional history and tradition
  • New thieves to invade your store (free content)
  • A new customer - the undecided customer (free content)
  • An uncomfortable bird terrorizing its customers (free content)

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