PlayStation reveals the most downloaded games on the Brazilian PS Store in 2021

Most downloaded games Playstation 4 and 5 | THE PlayStation released the list of the most downloaded games from the PS Store throughout 2021. The data represent the Brazilian store of Sony consoles and the lists were divided into PS5, PS4 and PSVR and free.

Playstation discloses the most downloaded games on the Brazilian ps store in 2021
Most downloaded games Playstation 4 and 5

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On PS5, FIFA 21 e FIFA 22 ranked first and second respectively, while Assassin's Creed Valhalla ranks third. The PS4's podium is formed by GTA V, FIFA 22 e FIFA 21 again. In PS VR, the unbeatable Saber Beat was the most downloaded game of the accessory during 2021 and secured the post in the annual ranking. Creed rise to glory came in second and Job Simulator in third.
Finishing with the free games, Fortnite takes the gold medal, eFootball 2022 got the silver and Call of Duty: War zone with the bronze.

Check out the full ranking on PlayStation blog.

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