Pearl Abyss Announces Arrival of New Mystic Class in Black Desert Mobile

To celebrate the launch, the game promotes a series of activities, in addition to distributing prizes to players who evolve up to level 70

Pearl Abyss heralds the arrival of the new Mystical class in Black Desert Mobile, a fighter who uses her fists and feet to defeat enemies with powerful and precise strikes. To celebrate the arrival of the new archetype, the game promotes a series of in-game events.

Its main weapon is Cestus and its secondary weapon, Vambrace. Even though she possesses the power of the dragon's blessing, she doesn't have attacks that focus too much damage. His deadly abilities come through a combination of attack and incredible speed.

Mystical class in black desert mobile
Mystic Class in Black Desert Mobile

Mystic Class Skills in Black Desert

  • White Dragon – Attack on the enemy's chest to deliver a powerful and focused blow.
  • Dragon Chain – Summon the Blue Dragon to deal damage to surrounding enemies while slowing their movement speed.
  • Deadly Flight – Jump towards your opponent and deliver a powerful spinning kick.

To celebrate this release, special rewards will be given to Adventurers who evolve the class to level 70. Items such as Mystic Desert Camouflage costume, Level 60 Character Generator Coupon, Tier-5 Pet, 1000 black pearls can be earned and an [Abyssal] Accessory Box just evolving your character.
Also comes to the game Khan, the newest World Boss, to face the Adventurers.

Called the Ocean Master since his birth, he has a body larger than an island and scales that shine under the ocean in the moonlight. The reason for his awakening from a long sleep is said to be his anger at the humans who were blessed by Okilua. Adventurers can purchase in-game items used to build ships such as Khan's Scale, Goddess Tear, Cannons and Hull as rewards for defeating Khan.

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In addition, the Ramoness Finals 3 vs 3 Player Competition (PVP) was a tremendous success among the Black Desert Mobile community. The event had a peak of 20.000 spectators who could witness the victory of the North American Plantir and the European Falcons. Both teams received the title of Champions of the Ramoness, 50.000 pearls, Golden Crown of the Ramoness, Puppy in the Black Cloak and the Statue of the Black Spirit of Ramoness. You can watch the North American competition final here and Europe here.

For more information about Black Desert Mobile, visit the official website.

About the Black Desert franchise

Black Desert is Pearl Abyss' open-world action MMORPG franchise that redefines the genre, bringing cutting-edge visuals and skill-focused combat. With the most advanced game character customization system on the market, users can break the mold and create unique characters that truly represent themselves. The franchise also features intuitive controls, meticulously designed worlds and extensive lore that will thrill newcomers and veterans of MMO games and action RPGs alike. The Black Desert franchise has more than 40 million players worldwide across PCs, mobile phones and consoles.

About Pearl Abyss

Founded in 2010, Pearl Abyss is a leading developer in the gaming industry with the renowned Black Desert MMORPG franchise. Pearl Abyss is responsible for the cross-platform franchise and PvP action game Shadow Arena, currently available on early access on Steam. All Pearl Abyss games are built on the company's own engine and are known for their state-of-the-art graphics. Pearl Abyss is currently developing the Crimson Desert, DokeV and PLAN 8 titles, using its next-generation game engine, and is ready to expand its international market. More information about Pearl Abyss is available at your site.

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