Naruto in Fortnite? Leaker says he is 100% sure so

Leaker claims that Naruto in Fortnite can be real and the character will be the next to arrive on the island from Epic Games' Battle Royale.

Naruto in Fortnite

The Leaf Village ninja may be on his way to the island of Fortnite. That's right. In addition to a skin from Bloodthirsty, from The Suicide Squad, Rick, Loki and Superman, the Epic battle royale is about to receive the ninja Naruto in Fortnite. It's not uncommon for guests to arrive at the game, but the inclusion of Naruto is something that so far has not been officially confirmed.

Naruto in Fortnite? It's possible?

After the Fortnite 17.21 update, rumors began to circulate about a possible "Fortnite Naruto collaboration." However, as soon as the rumors occurred, they disappeared without a trace. A few hours ago, the famous leaker ShiinaBR finally confirmed that the collaboration could indeed become a reality. In the Twitter post, it states that r/Fortniteleaks moderators, through their sources, have confirmed that Epic Games has managed to secure the rights to a collaboration with Shonem Jump and secure Naruto's presence in Fortnite.

In addition to getting the rights, they are now also trying to include you in the next Battle Pass, which will be released at the beginning of Season 8 of Fortnite. Although nothing is defined and things can change for a variety of reasons, players now have a clearer picture of the whole scenario.

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Details of Fortnite's collaboration with Naruto would include Skins (not known if only him or another character as well, such as Sasuke), cosmetic items, emotes and the custom pickaxe.

Much like the Rick & Morty and Superman crossovers this season, the Naruto skin will have to be unlocked via the battle pass and may more than likely contain some style edits as well.

In addition to Naruto's skin, there is a small chance that others, such as Sasuke and Hinata, are also coming to Fortnite. Fans are already excited about the possibilities and hope the collaboration really pays off. In addition to the possible skins, backpacks and picks to be included in the game, there will definitely be new special emotes associated with crossover. Unlike the “Ninja Run” emote, which was available to everyone through the item shop, the new Naruto emotes can only be limited to those who purchase battle passes.

Does Naruto in Fortnite have a release date?

Although the leakers have suggested that Naruto's collaboration will take place in the next round of battle, there is a possibility that players will have to wait a little longer if the crossover is not confirmed in time, as happened with the collaboration between Fortnite and Metroid, with the appearance of Samus Aran. With that said, if all goes according to plan, players should be able to catch a glimpse of Naruto in Fortnite when the trailer for the upcoming Battle Pass is revealed on September 8, 2021.

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Epic Games confirms the presence of… Ariana Grande

While the ninja does not reach the island, Epic confirmed another surprise to players. A great virtual show with the presence of Ariana Grande. The pop singer will be on the island from August 6th to 8th, on a musical journey into magical new realities where Fortnite and singer Ariana Grande collide called the Rift Tour.

RIFT TOUR with Ariana Grande

Ensuring fans from all over the world can watch the Rift Tour, the experience spans five sessions over three days. We recommend that fans arrive at Fortnite 60 minutes before the show, and the Rift Tour playlist must be live 30 minutes before each show. Before Ariana arrives, the Rift Tour begins with Fortnite-themed experiences – combining popular tracks with moments based on game elements.

Hours include:

show 1
Friday, August 6th at 18:XNUMX pm ET

show 2
Saturday August 7th at 14PM ET

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show 3
Sunday, August 8th at 12pm ET

show 4
Sunday, August 8th at 10pm ET

show 5
Sunday, August 8th at 18PM ET

The Rift Tour is best if you travel side by side with your friends! Visit for more details on the event schedule or use the game's Rift Tour tab. The Rift Tour tab allows you and your friends to schedule the showtimes you plan to attend, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest Rift Tour missions.

Those who participate in the event have the chance to win some personalized items such as an umbrella, emotes, stickers and a piggy bag that is enjoying a song by the singer.

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Save Island From Invasion In Fortnite

Bloodthirsty in Fortnite will be a problem for Superman | 280cbf0d fortnite chapter 2 season 7 battle pass skins superman rick morty 8006 1623140762404 | married games news | battle royale, dc comics, epic games, suicide squad, fortnite, multiplayer, bloodthirsty, superman | bloodthirsty in fortnite

This season's story trailer shows that an alien invasion began on the Island, leaving marks on crops, abducting people and a gigantic mothership destroying things, even with the peaceful attempt to communicate with them led by Rick Sanches in a clear reference to 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. However, unlike the film, the conversation doesn't work out very well.

Now, it's up to players to prevent the destruction of the world with the help of Dr. Slone, but even with the help of great heroes like Superman, they still have to deal with the infiltrated alien, Kymera. How will the war end? Only depends on you!

Fortnite is a Battle Royale style game, developed by Epic Games and you can download it from official website, and which can be played for free on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. A success among games of its kind, and still appearing on the lists of most played online games today, the title receives updates with new content regularly.

Tell us in the comments if you liked the inclusion of the character? Are you excited for Suicide Squad? Did you like the new season? Take the opportunity to read more about Fortnite on our website.

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