Netflix in July: Over 40 Firsts for the Month

Ah, July. The month of vacation. And what better way to spend school holidays in the cold of winter than watching Netflix wrapped in a warm blanket? Well, for those who want news, the platform's catalog will have lots of it.

The biggest highlights of Netflix in July are children's productions, such as Kung Fu Panda 3, How to Train Your Dragon, and even a new season of Peppa Pig. For young people, there is a new season of Eu Never…, Atypical and Outer Banks. For anime and game fans there's the long-awaited debut of Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark. And horror movie fans, it's time for you with the arrival of the Rua do Medo trilogy.

See below the list of the main titles that enter the Netflix catalog this month:



Here you will see the series that will have their first season released this month, and a short synopsis about each one.

Young Royals - 01/07

"Prince Wilhelm is getting used to life at the new high school, but following the heart is harder than it sounds."

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Talking about teen series, we already started with one: Young Royals is for you who likes clichés with royalty. You will find many princes and princesses at this boarding school. The series also addresses the LGBT theme, just the way fans like it. The big news is that this series is a Swedish production.

Generation 30 and Few - 01/07

"An unexpected encounter takes a couple in their early 30s to think back to 1998, when puberty and the internet changed their lives forever."

Italian production that mixes romance, friendship and nostalgia. A beautiful journey through time, to remember and relive the 90s. That nice little cliché novel with a touch of good memories and beautiful landscapes.

LA's Finest: United Against Crime - 01/07

"Two police officers face the city's most dangerous criminals as they try to put their difficult past behind them in this spin-off of the Bad Boys franchise."

Yes, you read that right, LA's Finest stems from the famous Bad Boys franchise. But with women. Which makes the show the perfect dose of “Bad Girls” that you didn't know you needed until now. Both seasons will be released simultaneously, meaning lots of new episodes to see!

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Citizenship Lessons - 04/07

Woman in yellow from her back speaking to a crowd | netflix in july
A musical and animated series about rights and citizenship. Source: AdoroCinema

“Learn the basics of rights and citizenship with amazing music from artists like Janele Monáe, HER, Adam Lambert, Brandi Carlile and others.”

Taking advantage of the 4th of July, US independence day, comes this animated and musical series, which will teach you about things like the Bill of Rights, Taxes, the Three Powers, immigration, courts, among other topics of great relevance.

Resident Evil: In the Absolute Dark 08/07

“Resident Evil survival horror franchise has sold over 110 million copies worldwide. Now, in the first computer graphics series in history, characters like Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield are back in a way more spectacular than ever.”

Yea! Finally the debut of the new Netflix series about your favorite zombie game. With a beautiful 3D animation and the presence of outstanding characters like Leon and Claire.

Elize Matsunaga: Once upon a time a crime 08/07

“In a crime that shocked Brazil, Elize Matsunaga kills and dismembers her husband. Now, she gives her first interview in this documentary series that explores the case.”

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Yeah, you've probably heard about the Matsunaga case. A crime of passion, or a crime with cold? In this series, you'll see the stories that have already been told about this case, as well as things never said, giving voice to Elize. Do you have the cold blood to face this one?

The Cook of Castamar 09/07

“In 18th-century Madrid, a talented cook wins the heart of a widowed duke. Based on the novel by Fernando J. Múñez.”

This one is for those who like period romances. Well, with a dash (maybe a jolt) of drama, which only Hispanics know how to do. Get ready for a great deal of intrigue, politics and romance as you watch this series.

How to Become a Tyrant - 09/07

“To govern with an iron fist, it is necessary to know very well the game of absolute power, as shown by the dictators presented in this sarcastic documentary series.”

What makes a great tyrant, well, great? What weapons can they use to control the people? This documentary opens up a discussion about the main tyrant governments in history, and what goes on in the minds of these rulers.

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My Unorthodox Life – 14/07

“Follow Julia Haart, CEO of Elite World Group and former member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, and her adult children on this reality show”

A reality show that follows the life of Julia Haart and her rich and powerful family. That's it.

Unbelievable Thefts - 14/07

"In this series about real crimes, ordinary people try to commit extraordinary thefts, involving everything from millions of cash to luxury whiskey."

A documentary that tells about three real cases of theft and their peculiarities. It sounds like fiction, but it's real.

Naomi Osaka: Tennis Star – 16/07

“This documentary series follows tennis superstar Naomi Osaka and showcases the cultural roots and multifaceted identity of this rising champion and leader”

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Sports fans, this one is for you! You may already know Naomi Osaka and her contributions not only in the sports scene but also socially. Here, you will get to know Naomi's life, her choices and difficulties in depth.

squatters 20/07

Four young people walking down the street | netflix in july
The term “okupa” is derived from the word “occupation”

“In 2000, a group of young people illegally squats a house in Buenos Aires, while fighting for survival in an increasingly violent and hostile city.”

If you're looking for a series about uptight and peaceful young people, well, maybe this isn't the place for you. Here, everything is a revolution. A political, social and police series about how these young revolutionaries live their lives.

Sexy Beasts: Love Unmasked – 21/07

"Tired of superficial relationships, real-life singles are turned into animals and other mythical creatures to test chemistry on blind dates."

A series about blind dates, but with a peculiarity: people must dress up to go on a date, so first impressions will not be tied to physical characteristics. What could this crazy mix result in?

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Playing with Fire Brazil – 21/07

“Attractive singles in a tropical paradise. Sound's perfect! The problem is that, in order to have the chance to pocket the R$500.000 prize, they will have to say no to sex.”

Playing with Fire is already a popular Netflix series in a rough version. Play young singles on an island paradise. Now put a basic rule in their coexistence: no sex. How will the coexistence between them be with this restriction?

Masters of the Universe: Saving Eternia – 23/07

“The war for Eternia resumes and could be the final battle between He-Man and the Skeleton. New animated series from screenwriter and director Kevin Smith.”

The long awaited remake of He-Man! There's not much to say about this series, just watch it. For the good times.

Is it Love? – 23/07

"These short films portray the whirlwind of emotions that young people experience when they encounter love in unexpected places"

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One, or rather six cute love stories that will leave your heart warm after watching. No complicated synopsis, no big dramas, just that, love in its purest and most captivating form.

Tattoo Fail 28/07

“These talented artists fix sloppy tattoos with amazing work. And the ones who choose the design are the customers' companions.”

Tattoo fans, your moment has arrived! But if you're not a tattoo fan, don't skip this series yet, as it's extremely fun and curious. Imagine you have a tattoo gone wrong, or something embarrassing, and you want to get it fixed. Well then, you will have this chance! However, your partner will choose Be she will stay. Will we have an acceptable result, or just greater shame? Worth watching to find out!

Transformers – War for Cybertron: The Kingdom – 29/07

"The frenzied war to locate the Allspark culminates in a strange planet as the future comes crashing into the present."

The Kingdom is the final installment in the War for Cybertron series. See the outcome of this great story together with your favorite autobots.

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Series that already have seasons on the platform, and will be continued with new seasons. Is your favorite series on the list? Click on the title to see the trailer!

series for children

As already said, the holiday season for the little ones, with several releases aimed at them! He follows:

  • Pokemon – Journey Series 01/07
  • Carousel 01/07
  • Ridley Jones: The Guardian of the Museum 13/07
  • Peppa Pig Season 6 15/07
  • Johnny Test 16/07
  • Mighty Express Season 4 27/07
  • The World of Centaurs 30/07


This month of June has a lot, but a lot of news regarding movies. Yes, there are more than 30 new titles for the catalog! Below, we've listed some special recommendations, but you can check out the full list of firsts at the end of the text.

Dynasty Warriors - 01/07

"Warlords, warriors and statesmen battle for supremacy in this fantasy tale based on hit games and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms."

Live action adaptation of the famous game franchise, but that can appeal to any fan of series like Game of Thrones. A medieval film that promises a lot of fights with the right to special powers and maybe a little bit of romance.

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The Honest Candidate - 02/07

"A corrupt politician running for president can no longer lie after his grandmother casts a spell on him before he dies"

For fans of good old Brazilian comedy, this film by Leandro Hassum can be the perfect choice for your afternoon. We know very well how politics works in our country, so why not forget about the problems and have a good laugh?

Rua do Medo Trilogy – 02/07 (1994) 09/07 (1978) 16/07 (1666)

“After a series of brutal murders, a group of teenagers face an evil force that has terrorized the city for centuries. Welcome to Shadyside.” – 1994

What is probably the most anticipated debut of the month when it comes to movies is the Rua do Medo trilogy. Yes, as you can imagine, there are three horror movies, which are released every week. Rua do Medo is originally a series of children's books. Well, if you like the curse theme and a lot, a lot of blood, you should definitely watch the series.

Major Grom against Dr. Pest - 07/07

“A masked assassin terrorizes the city. Now a rebel detective and his rookie partner are the only ones who can solve the problem.”

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A Russian superhero that is sure to win you over! This is Major Grom. Here, we won't see great super powers, but common human abilities that can defeat super villains. Adapted from a popular comic book series in the country, you should definitely give the Major a chance, he will surprise you.

Summer Memories - 09/07

“In this story about growing up and summer love affairs, Deniz wants to find his childhood crush on vacation, but ends up involved in a love triangle.”

This is the order for romance fans. What better defines a good romance movie than good old summer love? And this beautiful Turkish production joins this with the famous coming of age theme about youth, innocence and coming of age. Will Deniz be able to conquer the beautiful Asli? It's worth watching to check it out.

How I Became a Super Hero – 09/07

"In a world where humans and superheroes coexist, a lone cop and a brilliant detective come together to put an end to a dangerous threat."

Yeah, another superhero movie. But this isn't your typical movie, so keep reading. What if there was a drug capable of giving super-powers to anyone who took it? Anyone could have their moment of fame and heroism. But what about the chaos it would all cause? It is in this world that the film will insert you, much more in a police plot than superheroes saving the day.

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Emicida: AmarElo – Live – 15/07

“Emicide takes her rhymes and AmarElo's hits to the stage of the Municipal Theater of São Paulo in a historic night.”

Hello rap fans. The complete show by Emicin at the Theatro Municipal de São Paulo arrives on the Netflix catalogue. Spooky and inspiring, it's totally worth watching.

Boy Erased - 22/07

"A young man sent by his parents to conversion therapy struggles to reconcile his sexual orientation and the family's religious values."

A film for those who like the LGBT theme. But…that should be seen by everyone. A warning: this is a painful and powerful film, which tells one of the realities of gays who come from religious families in the USA. Garrard, when he comes out gay to his parents, is sent to a program that promises to "cure" his homosexuality. A cruel and necessary film.

Words that bubble like soda - 22/07

"A shy boy who writes haiku poems and a cheerful girl meet and spend a magical summer together."

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Yes, anime fans, there's a debut for you too! An unlikely and cute romance that will make you smile unconsciously.

APPortado - 23/07

“Two aimless young people get high, invent a social justice app, and make millions. Only now they really need to deliver the product.”

What would happen if you and your friend got drunk and came up with the idea of ​​a crazy app overnight, and what's more, were given a lot of money to actually create it, but with no idea how to actually do it? A comedy with the traditional Mexican style of acting that we already know and love (yes, admit it, you do).

Blood-Red Sky - 23/07

"After a group of terrorists hijack a plane, a woman with a mysterious illness must reveal a terrible secret to protect her son."

Shocking. This is the word that best describes this production. Before watching, prepare your heart. A horror and action movie that will leave anyone breathless. What will be Nadja's big secret that could save the plane from terrorists? For those who like the vampire theme.

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The Last Mercenary - 30/07

"A mysterious secret agent who has been driven out of the country by his own government needs to return to France when his son is framed by a terrorist organization."

This is a movie for fans of Jean Claude Van-Damme and the good old action movie with a lot of beating. And there's even a hint of comedy to complete the recipe. For old times' sake.

More Netflix Movies in July

If you didn't like any of the above recommendations, there are plenty of other movies that might catch your eye. Click on the title to view the trailer.

So, what did you think of the news this month of July for the Netflix? Packed with new stuff, right? It will take a while to get the catalog up to date and that's how we like it. Now sit back and enjoy in the best way! What's your favorite debut of the month? Leave it in the comments!

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