Neversong: Dev accidentally gave 3500 keys to each user

Neversong, which was originally known as Once Upon a Coma, is the sequel to a much loved flash game called Coma. A very successful Kickstarter campaign by the game raised $ 85,000 in 2018 and launched on Wednesday on Steam, and was very successful, based on user reviews. it’s very good, but as creator Thomas Brush explained today on YouTube, the launch itself was not so good.

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There were two very big problems on launch day, Brush explained. One, he had Sinus infection, which made him a bit down because he was sick. And the second, he gave 3500 Neversong keys to all 2798 people who supported the game on Kickstarter. So, obviously, it was accidental.

"Everyone has a text file with 3.500 Steam keys," says Brush in the video. “So you can imagine, my inbox was exploding with very kind and honest people saying, 'Dude, you just sent me all those keys. Do you want me to keep them? '”

You released 3500 Neversong keys for each one, now what?

The good news is that Steam allows developers to turn off the wrong keys and, after an appropriate panic, Brush canceled them all. The bad news is that physical illness does not go away so quickly or easily.

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“I avoided a bullet there, but I started to feel a sinus infection when the stress happened. I think I get sick when I'm stressed, ”says Brush in the video. "So it happened."

Fortunately, despite Steam's shock, Neversong did very well on launch day, earning a place on Steam's “community recommendations” list, which Brush said was “very cool”. He also said at the end of the video that Neversong doubled the release numbers for his previous game, the 2017 Pinstripe platform game. Overall, he is "satisfied" with the results of the launch day, but is also happy to be finished .

Neversong: dev accidentally gave 3500 keys to each user | 6c7c037a | neversong news
Neversong: Dev accidentally gave 3500 keys to each user | Neversong

“I am very happy to have finished. I still have many Kickstarter rewards that I need to fulfill. This is going to be fun. That's sarcasm, ”said Brush. "But I'm also happy to be able to give these, eventually, to the Kickstarter community."

Anyway, Neversong is a platform adventure rolling over a young boy named Peet, who wakes up from a coma and finds that his girlfriend is nowhere to be found. His quest to find her takes him deep into Blackfork Asylum, where he will discover dark secrets, the strange truth about his past and "what is hidden beyond the doorbell". It is available on Steam with a 15% discount on the regular R $ 28,99 until May 27, and you can see the game up close on the site:

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