New feature in Black Desert Online increases number of players

The new composition and reproduction feature allows players to compose, share and play their musical creations with other players.

Hit MMORPG is releasing new and improved game packs. Players can guarantee up to $100 in premium items through the new login event. Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss announced the arrival of a new musical resource: writing and playing. This week also kicks off the highly profitable login event and the publisher also announces changes to game packs sold for Black Desert Online.

The new Compose and Play feature will allow players to create complex musical compositions using a robust editor. While players can compose music on any character, true to their musical inclinations, players will have to use the Shai class to play their composition. With guitar, flute and drums at your disposal; composers can create multiple music tracks with a variety of sounds to create a rich musical work.

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The compositions can vary in BPM, measure and number of instruments played and can be easily shared with other players. After unlocking Shai's exclusive 'Talent' at level 56, players can further improve their musical skills. It is also possible to form a set of several Shai characters by playing their instruments and compositions together.

New feature in Black Desert brings players back

In addition to the Compose and Play feature, a new login event has started that can earn players up to $ 100 worth of premium items. By logging in every day, they can earn, but among other things, a mini wizard pet, a special service maid and a very convenient chandelier called The Book of the Old Moon. The event started on Wednesday and runs until June 3. In a special minisite, it is possible to find a complete summary of the event and other seasonal promotions.

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For the publisher also shared a future redesign of Black Desert Online game packs. After 4 years in the market, the items contained in the packages will be updated to better reflect the current state of the game and provide better value to new players who join the successful MMORPG. More information about the content of the new packages was shared on the official Black Desert Online website.

Anyway, remember to access more news, but access the official game website.

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