Raven unveiled major changes for the “new Warzone”; check out

New Warzone | THE Raven Software released all the changes that the Call of Duty: War zone will have in Caldera's debut, new battle royale map and also for integration with Vanguard, game of the year in the franchise that was released on November 5th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4/5 and PC. The main changes were in important items that directly impact the gameplay of the game, including the removal of a very controversial item by the game community.

Raven unveiled major changes to the "new warzone"; check out
Raven unveiled major changes for the “new Warzone”; check out

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In a huge article posted on the official Call of Duty website, Raven told almost everything that will arrive on December 8th, the date of arrival of the new map and also the first season of Warzone and Vanguard. When I say "almost everything", it is a reference is important information that we will only know if it will arrive in the game on the date mentioned above, among this information, the Field Adjustment (also known as FOV) for consoles.

Among the main changes are the nerfs and buffs that Raven Software will make on tactical equipment, which were cited as the Heartbeat Sensor, which is a sensor where players can identify players up to 50 meters away without the Ghost advantage, the grenade Snapshot that will have its reveal range increased and the Decoy grenade that now also creates rubber bullet effects, to make your opponents more confused and, last but not least, the nerf in the controversial Stun/Concussion that is considered one of the equipment most broken in the game.

Only these tactical equipment were remembered in the article, but many others will also undergo adjustments, but we will only see them on the day of integration. Another important change is in relation to the controversial Dead Silence and Stopping Power. The first will suffer one more nerf, the first being still in season five of Black Ops Cold War where the High Alert perk started to cancel the improvement of the field, but this time, it was not disclosed what would be the change. Stopping Power will be completely removed from the game, much to the happiness of many players who considered the item overpower.

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Raven also mentioned a change made to the way Armament Crates will work inside the battle royale. Now, it may not be possible for a squad to buy your Box before the loadout event at the end of the first safezone. This is an important change that could completely change players' strategy for winning a match. Whether it will work remains to be seen, but it is worth the test.

These are just a few of the huge changes that Raven Software has indicated for gamers to get into the hype of the new Warzone. In addition to everything mentioned here, the new anti-cheat RICOCHEAT will arrive which will promise to end the game's problems with cheaters. The new map will arrive on the 8th for everyone who owns Call of Duty: Vanguard. For those who do not have the paid version, they will have to wait for the 9th to be able to explore the Caldera map.

Raven unveiled major changes for the “new Warzone”; check out

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