New World is Burning Video Cards Again

Problem has been reported before and Amazon Games said it was fixed, but apparently the game is still causing problems.

And as the poet Chavo Del Ocho would say: “The repentant dog returns”. Looks like Amazon's MMORPG New World is burning video cards once again! This problem had been reported at the time of the beta and, according to the company, the problem was in the soldering some of the video cards released by Nvidia and both stated that everything was corrected. So far.

During the recent ill-fated beta test, it was discovered that a combination of factors was resulting in high-end Nvidia GPUs getting blocked during Amazon's MMO game. And now there are reports that it's happening again. As pointed out by the profile tweet @PowerGPU.

New world is burning video cards
Plates are burning during New World gambling

The original problem involved New World, allowing unlimited frame rates on its menu screen, which led to an increase in power consumption too large for GPUs, and those, especially cards built on EVGA, subsequently popping their chips with crackles. and wheezing.

In turn, EVGA confessed and said that some onlydoubtful oldas in the MOSFETs of a small batch of cards were responsible, and that in reality they only received about two dozen GeForce RTX 3090 cards dead as a result of New World's catastrophic failure. These boards were replaced without a problem as soon as the problem was reported, which is a very positive response from the company.

On the Amazon side, while claiming that “New World's Closed Beta is safe to play,” it quickly implemented a patch that limited the framerates on the menu screen anyway. That closed the case and apparently New World was safe again and had a hits record during its launch. Everything looked good for Nvidia and Amazon.

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evga video card
Burning a R$17 sign is no fun

Is New World Burning Plates Again?

It's strange to see reports that this is happening again in the final version. The game received massive hits and queues of hundreds of players waiting to get into the game and now, out of nowhere, reports reappear of burning plates. The website WinFuture reports that he has had problems with a Gigabyte RTX 3090 because of various “trigger points” that can supposedly put extra strain on the video card in his machine. They cite an increase in load when changing video card settings and that, in their case, simply closing the game locked their card. “The fans spin at 100 percent, the screen dims, the PC says goodbye.”

Tests have also shown that when changing the graphical settings the game goes through a heavy update, where the engine seems to want to redraw the entire scene, from low-poly models, adding more and more detail from there. system, often reaching 100% GPU load just by toggling some graphics options.

As Nvidia claims it has only received a few boards with the soldering issue and has fixed them, there is a chance that these boards are the remnants of the same defective batch that was not sent in for exchange or repair. Sure, it's a possibility, but so far, there's been no information from Amazon Games or Nvidia about this new case of video cards getting lost in the middle of the game.

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