Transfer between New World Servers is Deferred

Although initially saying it would be possible, Amazon Games clarified that players will only be able to transfer to other servers in the same region.

Free transfers between New World servers have been delayed as announced by developer Amazon Games, citing that there have been “some extreme cases where the transfer experience doesn't meet our standards” as the cause of the feature's delayed release, but not was announced exactly when server transfers arrive. However, one thing we already know and it's not good for some: The feature doesn't allow region changes, something that is already causing a headache for some players.

During the launch of New World, most players suffered from long queue times to enter the game, some waiting hours to login. Some players wanted to join a particular server because they believed it would be the server where the streamers would play, others because they pre-arranged into groups that would make a server an "unofficial PVP-focused server", and others because their friends were already there. .

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Problems with the game continue

Why is a New World Server Transfer required?

To fix the problem, Amazon has encouraged players to create characters on newly created and sparsely populated servers, with the promise of free server transfers over time. This would allow players to find a more permanent home for their characters, as game servers and queue times would stabilize over time.

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The Problem of Transferring Regions

The main problem, for many players who have already created a character, is that characters in one server region apparently cannot be transferred to a server in a different region. This means that players will not be able to make transfers between regions, such as taking a character from an Eastern US server to a South American server, for example.

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This is a big problem for European gamers in particular, as many have created characters on North American or Asian servers, after huge waiting times in queues on European servers, with the intention of transferring back to European servers in a later time, when there was a chance.

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Promise that there would be a transfer of regions

This clarification comes after a tweet posted on official account New World's claim that players could, in fact, make transfers between regions. But that doesn't seem to be the case anymore, as Amazon stated in an official FAQ on server transfer on the game's forums that the “original information provided” on the matter was “incorrect”.

They clarified that characters in different regions are stored in different databases and that while the team initially "believed that transferring characters between regions would be possible, that's not really the case."

Many players on the New World forums are now feeling like they've lost all progress, having played for tens of hours on a server in a different region, thinking they'd be able to transfer to another later. Some are asking for some kind of XP boost when server transfers are activated or other compensation for lost time for those who will be making new characters. It is not yet known what Amazon Games will do to remedy the situation with these players.

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How will the Server Transfer be done?

So far, no new dates for server transfers have been announced after the delay, but community manager Trevor Smith has given details on what exactly and how the transfers will work. To transfer characters between servers, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Login with the desired character;
  • Go to the in-game store, where a free server transfer token can be purchased;
  • You will have to leave your guild;
  • You will have to cancel any orders to buy or sell existing items;
  • You will need to be in a settlement or outpost.

The promise is that players will keep everything they've earned until the transfer, which will include all items in the player's inventory, their faction's reputation, their coins, their houses, their character progression, and the quest's progress. All of this will be transported with you, but be aware that this may change at some point, so don't get too attached to your stuff.

There are also some exceptions when it comes to which New World servers are eligible to receive character transfers. Players, for example, cannot transfer characters to a server where they already have an existing character, for example, and characters cannot be transferred to a server that is already full.

Now, leave in the comments, what did you think about the delay? Want to transfer a character? Worried about the impossibility of moving to another region? Leave what you think in the comments and read more News on our website.

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