Learn all about Nimo TV's special birthday programming

Celebrations will feature virtual events throughout the week on Nimo TV's special anniversary schedule

Nimo TV is celebrating its birthday. The streaming platform, mainly focused on games, has just completed 3 years in Brazil, having consolidated the country as the biggest audience for the brand in the world. To commemorate the date, the platform has created a series of virtual events that will entertain streamers and users between September 14th and 17th.

Throughout the week, internet users will be able to interact with streamers such as Piuzinho, Mariana Alpha, Hudson Amorim, Sabs, Modder and Two9, who will be involved in a series of transmissions beyond specials. On the 14th, the Among Us event promises: it will be a competition between streamers who not only play the game, but who are also experts in other games, such as Mariana Alpha, Rbiana, Katrina and Ranoroxa.

On the 15th, it's the turn of Free Fire, which is even one of the most popular titles on Nimo TV in these 3 years of existence in the country. The dynamic will feature online competitions between streamers from Brazil, such as Hudson Amorim, Yuuri, Two9, Rafis, Shottz and Bocade09, and from Latin America. On the 16th, the fun is reserved for Gartic's matches with the participation of Girl from the Blog, Last Survivor, Leozin and others.

nimo tv anniversary special
Nimo TV anniversary special

To close the anniversary celebrations, the event of the highest-rated game on Nimo TV will take place: GTA V. The virtual party will take place in Cidade Alta, the largest game server in Brazil, with the right to a themed space, talent show and participation from streamers Piuzinho, Modder, Speedmito, Maumauzk, Sabs and others.

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“This date certainly couldn't go unnoticed, that's why we've prepared a mega special schedule for our users”, emphasizes Rodrigo Russano Dias, Head of PR and Social Media at Nimo TV Brasil. “Our goal is for everyone to have fun and celebrate with us the success of Nimo TV in these 3 years of existence in Brazil. And I take this opportunity to remind you that this is just the beginning”, concludes Dias.

Where to Watch Nimo TV's Birthday Special  

Nimo TV is a streaming platform focused on the transmission of electronic games, creative content and esports. Created by Huya, one of the biggest game streaming services in China, Nimo TV arrived in Brazil with the purpose of offering quality content and entertaining those who want to broadcast games or watch their favorite channels.

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In 2018, Huya was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), after receiving an investment of US$ 460 million from Tencent. Among the main features of Nimo TV are “Ultra HD Broadcasting”, “Video Second Open”, “Full Link Monitoring” and “Mobile Streaming”, which allows the transmission of live gameplay sessions directly from the mobile device to the application of the service. 

To follow the virtual events, just pay attention to the channels of streamers participating in the celebrations on Nimo TV.

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