Nimo TV and DRUID sign partnership to professionalize streamers

Nimo TV and DRUID close a collaboration that should cover other games and soon will bring new talent to the platform

Nimo TV, a streaming platform focused on games, announces a new partnership with DRUID, an agency specializing in business to gamers. The task force's objective is, in addition to highlighting Nimo TV's Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) streamers, one of the main titles on the platform, to professionalize the category and attract new talent from the scene. According to the companies, the intention is to fight the precariousness of the streamer market.

Initially, the work will be directed to Nimo TV's GTA V streamers, because during the pandemic, the game reached a peak of seven million hours watched on the platform. Today, Nimo TV accounts for more than two million hours watched per month in 2021 just of the game and almost 350 GTA V streamers broadcasting every day at different times.

Nimo tv and the druid
New talents on Nimo TV coming soon

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Nimo TV and DRUID Seek New Talents

Nimo TV already has big names in the market, such as streamer Piuzinho, who has more than four million followers on the platform and plays the game in their lives daily, and other streamers such as Modder, Yuuriff, Speedmito and Maumauzk. Through the partnership with DRUID – which has an exclusive service unit to carry out the career management of influencers and streamers not only in the advertising market, but also in live broadcast platforms – the idea is to further strengthen this team, with names like Sabsdenada, Mineiro and Santi.

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"Thanks to these great streamers that we already have, in 2021 a huge movement of migration to Nimo TV began and several new talents of the game started to broadcast only here", highlights Rodrigo Russano Dias, Head of PR and Social Media at Nimo TV Brasil. "Even because of these aspects, we saw the need to professionalize these guys, after all, the career and the numbers in the scenario do not stop growing", explains Dias.

“The focus of this partnership with DRUID is to make our streamers more than gamers, but also artists, who know how to deal with the media, who show their work through the press, etc. The idea is to really prepare this professional for what he will find beyond the Nimo TV environment”, stresses Raphael Negrão, Head of Marketing at Nimo TV Brasil, about the initiative.

"We are very happy to build new strategies with Nimo TV so that the platform can not only continue to captivate its huge audience of GTA V, but also add other users of new titles in the near future", says Bernardo Mendes, Chief Gamer Officer of DRUID.

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About Nimo TV

Nimo TV is a streaming platform focused on the transmission of electronic games, creative content and esports. Created by Huya, one of the biggest game streaming services in China, Nimo TV arrived in Brazil with the purpose of offering quality content and entertaining those who want to broadcast games or watch their favorite channels.

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In 2018, Huya was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), after receiving an investment of US$ 460 million from Tencent. Among the main features of Nimo TV are “Ultra HD Broadcasting”, “Video Second Open”, “Full Link Monitoring” and “Mobile Streaming”, which allows the transmission of live gameplay sessions directly from the mobile device to the application of the service. 

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