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The platform's differential is mobile DNA and simple mechanics

For three years in Brazil, the Nimo TV has been consolidated as one of the most accessible streaming platforms in the country. Despite having Chinese origin, through its developer Huya,  one of his biggest Nimo TV audiences is currently in Brazilian territory. Today, they are more than 5,5 thousand streamers streaming over the platform every day.

Despite the gaming focus, Nimo TV too offers space for lifestyle content creators or other categories, such as music, cosplay and cartoons. In games, among the most famous names on the platform are little tweet with more than 4 million subscribersMudsatsGaleguinmouth09Yes I am SilvaBahiaNSHudson AmorimTwo9Luan Gameplay, Maumauz and many others.

Nimo tv
Nimo TV

Nimo TV stands out for having simple mechanics for streamer and user, being possible to access it fully with just one smartphone with default setting. Your interactivity system brings streamer and audience closer, which have a free way to talk and exchange experiences during broadcasts.

Nimo TV platform operation

As already said, Nimo TV is quite affordable both for streamers, as for the user, which can stream and watch through a cell phone or computer in a way participation. Currently, 85% of the platform's audience is via mobile, being the average time per user 50 minutes a day.

The brand offers bracket with a local team 100% Brazilian. For streamers, this feedback is available. 24 hours a day. It should be noted that this support is also intended to listen to internet users to consider suggestions, complaints or compliments, including opinions about new features, tools that the platform has invested significantly in recent months.

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About the transmissions, they can be done by cell, be Android ou iOS, or computer. For the first option, it is necessary to download the Nimo TV app through the virtual stores, log in to the platform account and configure some basic specifications before starting the live. From the computer, you need to install the Nimo TV Studio (free), OBS (free) or similar.

"In addition to our unrivaled strength in mobile, the main Brazilian gaming platform, we are entering a new phase in which PC and console games are rapidly growing in audience.”explains Rodrigo Russano Dias, Head of PR and Social Media at Nimo TV Brasil."This increases the opportunities on Nimo TV for streamers who engage with any type of channel"says Days.


Another very important point for those who want to stream is the Monetization. On Nimo TV, there are some diversified forms to earn money from broadcasts: gifts, fan club or subscription.

The first alternative works so that the audience can send different present specials during the live. these gifts cost diamonds that are converted to cash at the end of each month for the streamer.

Another monetization option on the platform is through the fan club. Every user can join a fan club from any streamer, which also generates renda for the professional. The last way to make money on Nimo TV by streaming is with subscriptions, that is, selected streamers gain access to the subscription model that has recently been updated with more accessible options for users, who can opt for one of four different tiers, in addition to choosing, if desired, to contribute on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. .

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It is worth noting that Nimo TV has invested and planned other forms of monetization to further optimize this aspect of the platform.

Advantages for users and streamers

Between the benefits from Nimo TV to user, is the Interactivity with the streamers and the simple use mode, including done by cell phone. The platform can be accessed for free and is offered bracket for any questions from the audience. On Nimo TV, internet users can also follow sports championships, professionals and amateurs, among other events which the platform promotes, also always looking to maintain itself plural, diverse and provide a safe environment for all. 

For streamers, the advantages are the same, with the added bonus of signing of contracts with names that eventually stand out and the professional support. Nimo TV has been looking, in recent years, fight the precariousness of the streamer market, professionalizing its contractors.

About Nimo TV 

Nimo TV is a streaming platform focused on the transmission of electronic games, creative content and esports. Created by Huya, one of the biggest game streaming services in China, Nimo TV arrived in Brazil with the purpose of offering quality content and entertaining those who want to broadcast games or watch their favorite channels. In 2018, Huya was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), after receiving an investment of US$ 460 million from Tencent. Among the main features of Nimo TV are “Ultra HD Broadcasting”, “Video Second Open”, “Full Link Monitoring” and “Mobile Streaming”, which allows the transmission of live gameplay sessions directly from the mobile device to the application of the service. 


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