2A.M. list five tips to improve notebook performance

Simple practices that do not require investments in components and technical support can improve machine performance, including games

Computer users – and especially gamers – are always looking for ways to improve the performance of their notebook or pc and the quality of their machines, but it is not always possible or necessary to invest in parts and technical support. Often, it's enough to know the best way to keep computers running smoothly and perform some routine procedures that make a big difference during gameplay.

Moacyr Amorosino, responsible for mark 2A.M, has put together a list with some tips that will help improve the performance of the notebook, both for playing games and for carrying out everyday tasks, without spending an extra dollar for this.

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notebook performance
Improve your machine's performance

Uninstall useless or little-used programs

“Many programs that we install on the notebook in a specific situation end up falling into disuse or losing their usefulness. In addition to taking up space on the machine's storage, these applications can fill RAM memory, hampering system performance. The best thing to do is to uninstall useless programs”, said Moacyr.

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Optimize energy for better notebook performance

When the notebook is operating connected to the power source, it is possible to obtain higher performance. Simply access your computer's power settings and change the power mode to the “highest performance” option.

Perform external cleaning of the machine

Computers need to be clean inside and out to function at their best. Air vents, for example, are very important for cooling the notebook and keeping it running at the proper temperature.

“The user should keep in mind, however, that computers can lose their warranty if opened. But the external cleaning must be done periodically, especially in areas with great accumulation of dust, such as keyboard, screen and air vents”, added the person responsible for 2A.M..

Close background apps

“Before starting a game, always manually close all programs, including the internet browser. This is because the more active applications, the more RAM memory the computer will use, directly impacting its performance”, recalls Moacyr.

Another alternative is to access the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys on Windows), check the running applications and close them.

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Defrag the storage drive

Another point that helps the computer's performance in general is the hard disk drive defragmentation, a tool that is already integrated with Windows.

Fragmentation happens when files on the hard drive are not modified very often. In this way, they end up being stored in “parts”. At this point, reading and writing end up being slower than if the files were stored in a single “part”.

“By performing the defragment action, the user makes the computer faster and more efficient. To carry out the process, type 'Defrag' in the taskbar search field. From there, just select the disk drive you want to optimize”, concluded Moacyr.

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