Explore the world of Nurgle in Total War: WARHAMMER III

Welcome to the land of Plague Fiends, poison-spitting beasts and rotting monstrosities

Ku'gath Father of Plague – Legendary Lord of Nurgle
Ku'gath Father of Plague, the Putrephant Practitioner, is Nurgle's most privileged choice. Fascinated by the creation of new contagions, he frequently travels to the mortal realms to test new creations on the battlefield. Ku'gath is motivated by the desire to create the perfect plague, capable of infecting even the gods themselves.

Departing for battle atop a palanquin supported by countless Nurgletes, this apothecary of plagues tests its countless and horrendous contagions by launching several infected Nurgletes among the enemy. Despite its bloated and pestilential appearance, Ku'gath Pai of Plague has the extraordinary ability to absorb damage and inflict terrible wounds in melee or spell combat. Give in to the plague with the new trailer.

Nurgle Game Style in Total War: WARHAMMER III

As the very personification of its virulent god, the army is a strong wall of rotting flesh, capable of regenerating itself, that traps enemies in melee combat and weakens them with poisonous attacks and strategic attrition. The more damage these pestilent warriors take in battle, the greater the unlocked bonuses, such as the toxic ability Plague, Glorious Plague, which is spread through the enemy ranks like a potent plague. 

Within the campaign, the monster is dedicated to spreading its repulsive message at every opportunity. Your factions can spawn and spread various pests that negatively affect unlucky enemies and give bonuses to their own nearby armies. They can also use cyclic buildings that grow and die organically, in addition to being able to summon units with reduced strength for their armies. 

Nurgle in total war: warhammer iii
Nurgle in Total War: WARHAMMER III

Composition of Nurgle's Army

Nurgle's Fiends are really putrid and disgusting to behold. The heart of the army is made up of resilient frontline infantry such as the Plague and the swarms of wicked (and lovable) Nurgletes, while hideous war beasts and greater demons such as the Great Impures, Toadstools and Beasts offer combat Devastating melee and magical support. 

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