Nvidia RTX 3080 is very ugly!

First of all, I want to make it clear, that in case you are finding the design of the new Nvidia RTX 3080 card beautiful, I envy you, because the “leaked” design seems so dull and ugly.

Leaving the Chinese forum, Chiphell, the RTX 3080 has been awarded an unusual two fan design, and its many heat sinks and wind tunnel design have already won the favor of curious aficionados.

The design of the cross, the strange fins, the lack of details, the tiny font - everything is a little basic. But then, is this really our first look at Nvidia's Ampere architecture in the GeForce suit?

See the possible Nvidia RTX 3080 below:

At least the PCB below appears to be quite short in order to make way for the upside-down fan design; which could pave the way for possible small form factor cards. Some unique fan designs and potentially beautiful water blocks that end the entire mantle would go a long way to changing your mind about the look of the 30 series.

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Se this cloak reaching production and continuing on our gaming PCs, there will probably be a few more revisions beyond what is portrayed here today.

Or maybe it's just an illusion. The little touches and finishing touches really turn a piece of metal and plastic into something that sits right at home among the high end PC parts, and I'm hoping for something a little more polished.

GPU coverages tend to leak a few months before the real deal, but that is far from an exact science. Still, it is a possibly encouraging sign that new graphics cards are really on the way - even if we kind of knew that. An end-of-year battle royale between Nvidia Ampere and AMD RDNA 2 has been around for some time, and AMD, at least, is confident that everything is on track, as planned. This bodes well for whatever Nvidia has up its sleeve too.

Anyway, remember to access more news, but also access the company's official website

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