Oath wins and qualifies for PGC 2021

Among the six regional representatives at the world championship are the Argentine FIUMBA and the American Dignitas, with the Brazilian Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro in the cast

The six teams representing the Americas were defined for the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2021, the world championship of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, to be held from November 19th to December 19th in Paradise City, Incheon, South Korea. will feature 32 teams from across the globe and prize money of at least $2 million.

With the completion of PCS5 Americas, the six classifieds for the PGC 2021 are: Oath, Soniqs, TSM FTX, Dignitas, FIUMBA and Spacestation Gaming.

oath wins and ranks
Oath wins and qualifies for PGC 2021

Of the six places reserved for the Americas, one was destined for the PCS5 champion, which ended up being the North American Oath. The other five places would go to the best placed in the ranking of points, obtained in the four regional championships held in 2021. 

FIUMBA will represent Latin America at PGC 2021, with a cast of Argentine players. All other five qualifying teams are from North America. One of them, Dignitas, has the Brazilian Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro, elected the best battle royale athlete of 2020 at the eSports Brazil Award.

Participating teams
Participating teams

At PGC 2021, in addition to the six teams from the Americas, there will be 12 representatives from Asia, eight from Europe and six from Asia-Pacific.

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The PGC 2021 will be five weeks long: a week of Rank Decision to define the starting positions in the dispute, three weeks of weekly leagues (Weekly Survival and Weekly Final) and a Grand Final in the last week.

Oath wins and ranks in the Last regional championship

PCS5 ended the regional competitive circuit in 2021 with a three-week competition with the top 16 teams in the Americas in a $250 contest.

Each week, with two game days, had independent leaderboards and prizes. The PCS5 Americas final leaderboard took into account the awards accumulated by the teams over the three weeks.

PCS5 Americas ended as follows:

1st place: Oath (US$49 thousand)
2nd place: Soniqs (US$ 36,5 thousand)
3rd place: Dignitas (US$ 30)
4th place: FIUMBA (US$ 24,5 thousand)

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Final classification
Final classification

Before PCS5, the regional circuit had ESL PUBG Masters: Phase 1, PCS4 and ESL PUBG Masters: Phase 2.

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