See 11 minutes of Paralives Build mode

11-minute video shows the pre-alpha build mode for Paralives, the indie simulation game from Paralives Studios

We present it here and we are pleased to be the first Brazilian communication vehicle to speak with the staff of Paralives Studios, which is developing a new life simulation game, simulating The Sims, which will be released soon and which, due to its free creation tools and features requested by non-game simmers, has caused quite a stir among fans of the simulation genre.

Now, to make these fans even more excited about the mechanics that will come from the future game, Paralives Studios has released an 11-minute video of the game's build mode, with various house creation functions, curved walls, raised floors with a click and other functions that give you enormous variety to create your dream home. See Paralives build mode in action.

It's cool to see how the game lets you take a window and make it as big as you want, as well as showing house measurements, giving architecture enthusiasts a sense of how to work with exact measurements. The end is a surprising result of a beautiful country house. The trailer also gives a sense of the Parafolks' reactions to their surroundings.

A New Paralives Build Mode for your enjoyment

Paralives is an indie life simulation game for PC and Mac. The game started with the project made in Unity by programmer Alex Massé and impressed by its flexibility and freedom of construction, reflecting everything that the Simmers always asked EA and didn't receive . Bunk beds, curved walls, spiral staircases, each new video or image that was released made players more anxious for the game's release.

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In Paralives, you are free to build houses, create characters and manage your lives inside your houses and around an open world city. The game features innovative construction tools that are easy to use, but very powerful for advanced builders. The simulation mode allows players to explore a city full of events, people to meet and ways to make your Parafolks evolve and live a happy life (or not, if they want to)!

Building a dream home requires many flexible tools. In Paralives, builders are not limited to a grid. Players can build walls of any length and at any angle. Does your perfect home contain curved or sloping walls? Paralives has the tools for that. Do you want to recreate your real life home? Use the game's measuring tape to recreate the exact dimensions! You can also fully customize the colors and textures of objects, as well as the size of windows and furniture. Just select an object, pull the corner anchors and enlarge the window, or upgrade this single bed to a king-size bed!

Paralives construction mode
Paralives construction mode in action

Creating the best life for your Parafolks could not be possible without taking advantage of what the city has to offer beyond the walls of their homes. That's why Paralives allows you to explore a cozy open-world neighborhood, full of shops, parks, workplaces and other interesting places to discover and meet people.

The name Paralives is a reference to parallel lives, allowing players to live different virtual lives and build houses to prepare them. There is still no official release date for Paralives, but you can follow news about the game's development on its page. Patreon.

So, did you like to meet Paralives? Did you like the final result of the house? And the way of building Paralives? So, let us know if you enjoyed the interview and share it with your friends who don't know the project. Enjoy and read more about games here on Our site!

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