Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are cast for The Last of Us series

After much speculation about the series of The Last of Us, finally we have Joel and Ellie confirmed with the participation of Pedro Pascal in the role of Joel e Beautiful Ramsey for the role of Ellie.

The Last of Us series

After the resounding success of the The Last of Us produced by Sony in partnership with the developer N in the form of exclusivity for Playstation, the giant HBO boldly decides to produce the series based on the games confirming right away eight episodes for the plot.

The last of us series
The Last of Us series

The story takes place 20 years after modern civilization was destroyed. Joel, a tough survivor, is hired to smuggle 14-year-old Ellie out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts out as a small job becomes a brutal and exciting journey as they cross the United States and depend on each other to survive.Synopsis of the series: The Last of Us

Still without a date set for premiere, the series has been one of the most acclaimed topics among gamers and movie fans alike. We don't know much to expect, but expectations are steadily rising on the subject.

Pedro Pascal

A lot of people may not remember, but Pedro Pascal has already played huge roles in series like Game of Thrones like Oberyn Martell, in Narco as Javier Pena and more recently in The Mandalorian like Din Djarin.

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Pedro pascal will be joel in the series of the last of us
Pedro Pascal will play Joel in The Last of Us series

And now confirmed to act as Joel in the plot of the series of The Last of Us, generating huge hype and expectation for the fans once again seriously making the subject of the moment in cinema and games as well.

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Beautiful Ramsey

Isabella (Bella) Ramsey, only 17 years old, has even performed with Pedro Pascal in the past, in the series Game of Thrones in the role of Lyanna Mormort when she was younger.

Bella ramsey will be ellie in the series of the last of us
Bella Ramsey will play Ellie on The Last of Us series

Not to be outdone, it has been part of countless successes on the small screens in Holmes & watson and recently in the series The worst of witches.

And now scheduled to be Ellie on the show.

Last of Us series to feature Chernobyl director

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What to expect?

The Last of Us undoubtedly causes a lot of uproar especially after the second game of the franchise, where we had a watershed. Some hated, others loved.

We don't have many leaks about the series that tell us what the course will be, if it will be the first game fully adapted, or if it will be something parallel.

We can only hope to have another incredible work as the game was and hold on for the results.

But what do you expect from the series? Tell me there in the comments.

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