Player Kills Valheim Bosses in Reverse Order

Speedrunner achieves the feat of defeating all of Valheim's bosses starting with the hardest. See this adventure

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Valheim's speedrunner, Nick Rawcliffe, managed to defeat all five of the game's main bosses, in reverse order, in a grueling 45-hour challenge. The speedrunner idea seems crazy, but over 45 hours, the player was able to scour the biomes, getting through a lot of exploration (and a little trickery to take advantage of the game's AI) to gather the necessary materials to open the challenges and beat the bosses.

As PC Gamer noted, NickRawcliffe posted their first boss in reverse order just a few days ago, complete with a separate playlist chronicling the massive effort in full. The condensed featured videos explain how this bizarre move was possible, and the player's sheer inventiveness is incredible.

Is it possible to kill the bosses of Valheim in Reverse Order?

It all starts with a pickaxe. You won't get much anywhere in Valheim without a pickaxe, but to get one without killing the initial boss Eikthyr and making a horn pickaxe, NickRawcliffe had to enlist the help of a troll - specifically, a troll with a mace that can break ore when used to attack it. With enough troll mined copper and tin, our hero is able to craft a bronze pickaxe and assemble a set of bronze equipment.

To detonate the final boss Yalguth with nothing but bronze-grade gear, NickRawcliffe took advantage of a classic AI feat that involves luring the boss into a deep, covered hole and slashing his exposed belly while repeatedly fixing his weapons, which have broken dozens of times. throughout the fight. A similar strategy was applied to the Moder boss, which can be safely fired by shooting arrows through openings in a roof.

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Bonemass, the mid-way boss, however, was the biggest real challenge. To obtain the shriveled bones needed to summon Bonemass without properly opening crypts in the swamp (or stealthily raiding them), NickRawcliffe had to spend 27 hours scouring 30 different swamps in hopes of finding shriveled bones in upperworld chests. An extremely rare drop. Once that was done, he could fight the boss normally using a fairly robust endgame gear.

With those three out of the way, The Elder and Eikthyr (in case you want to try and defeat him, we have a guide right here) were obviously the easiest, making the end of the speedrun one more lap in the playground, without any difficulty, after all, with the strongest equipment at the end of the game, defeating the initial bosses became easier. So far the producer Coffee Stein or Iron Gate have not commented on the feat, but I'm sure they are impressed, as we are, and maybe changes will happen in the game to prevent it from being done again.

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Now, leave there in the comments what did you think of this feat in Valheim? Would you risk doing all this challenge? Have you managed to kill the bosses, either in the correct order or in the reverse order? Take the opportunity to read more about Valheim on our website.

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