Playstation 5 had event confirmed by Sony

Sony has finally announced that it will hold an exclusive event for new information on the Playstation 5 next week. The event will take place on June 4 at 17 pm Brasília time; with a focus on revealing more details about the games that will be released for the PS5.

There were already rumors about a Sony event possibly on June 3, yesterday journalist Jason Schreier and a few others said that Sony was planning to hold events online; including one next week, maybe on the 3rd, but that was not confirmed, that is, it could be on a different date.

In a post on the Playstation Blog Sony said: “We already share the technical specifications and show you the new DualSense wireless controller. But, a launch is nothing if you don't have games, right? ”. In principle, the event will have more than one hour, being completely digital, as well as games from major studios being run on Playstation 5. Check out the Official Site of the post.

Sony Playstation 5 Online Event
What did you think of the new control?

About PS5 so far

At first Sony has been revealing new information about the PS5 slowly, without details about the next generation games, nor the official design of the console. The biggest revelations to date have been the official controller, DualSense 5 and console hardware. As well as Playstation Studios, the brand new for games produced by Sony studios.

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In the past few days Sony has also revealed many new details about The Last of Us 2; through State of Play and Inside The Last of Us, check it out here.

In return, Microsoft has already unveiled its new console, the Xbox X Series. As well as held and will host a series of online events to give more details about the console and games. 

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