PlayStation Store: PS Store on some platforms goes offline

Virtual store pages for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Portable Vita will go offline and end game selling services.

Since the beginning of March, there have been rumors that Sony would shut down the PlayStation Store from some of its older platforms, such as the PlayStation 3, launched in 2008, and on the 29th, Sony confirmed that these stores will be shut down. However, this is not the end of the world as some were fearing.

According to the statement in the Sony's official website, the PlayStation 3 s PSP online stores will close on July 2, 2021 and, a month and a half later, the PS Vita store will close on August 27. From these dates, it will not be possible to access some resources such as the purchase of new games or redeem vouchers for funds from the PSN wallet to purchase new games for the mentioned platforms.

Playstation store
Playstation Store

However, Sony confirmed that it will still be possible to download previously purchased content normally, even after stores are closed. Media content, such as videos, and DLCs will also continue to be available for redemption. For PlayStation Plus subscribers, you will still be able to access all features and download games and media features as long as you continue with your subscription.

What features can I use after the PlayStation Store closes?

According to the official statement, the list of resources you can still access is as follows:

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  • You can still download and play previously purchased game titles. You will still be able to access previously purchased video / media content.
  • You can still redeem game vouchers and PlayStation Plus.
  • You can still download and play claimed game titles through PlayStation Plus, as long as you remain a member of the service.

The features to which you will lose access are listed below:

  • You will no longer be able to purchase digital content for PS3, PS Vita and PSP, including games and video content.
  • You will no longer be able to make in-game purchases through games on PS3, PS Vita and PSP.
  • You will no longer be able to redeem vouchers for PSN wallet funds (for example, gift cards) on PS3, PS Vita, or PSP devices once the PlayStation Store and purchase functionality for those devices closes. The funds in your PSN wallet will remain in your PSN account, but you will only be able to use the funds in your wallet to purchase PS4 and PS5 products on the PlayStation Store on the web, PlayStationApp or on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

How do I access games purchased from PlayStation Store?

You can download the content you have already purchased to your PS3, PS Vita or PSP by accessing the Download List on your device, as you normally do. Multiplayer games, which still have active servers, remain on the air normally, at least for now. And any funds you have in your PSN wallet are still available and will be transferred to purchase PS4 or PS5 game or content if the player migrates to these systems.

There is no information regarding refunds or refunds if the player is not going to purchase a new Sony console, so if that is the case, better look for a legal promotion or buy that game you were dating for a while.

A url that directed players to an old PlayStation Store website for PS1, PS2, PS3, PS Vita and PSP content has also been disabled and now directs the player directly to the official PlayStation home.

What did you think of the news? Will you migrate from the system or enjoy your PS3 account until the last moment? Tell us in the comments and read more about PlayStation on Our site.

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Source: Eurogamer

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