PlayStation The Future of Games: Event will be on the 11th!

The PlayStation: the Future of Games event, which promises to show the public a list of new games for the PS5, is officially scheduled for June 11, by Playstation itself!

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The online stream was originally scheduled to take place last week - Thursday, June 4 - but was rescheduled due to the “Black Lives Matter” cause; important demonstrations for racial equality that are happening in the United States.

The Playstation went public on social media on the afternoon of Monday the 8th to notify all followers of the then official date of Livestream. So, check out the post below made on Instagram:

The post comes with an image of the controller previously announced with the words: "The Future of Games". It is also worth mentioning that the schedule was announced, so the livestream will start at 17 pm in Brasília's official time.

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As for what to expect, we have great chances today for the numbers revealed for Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Spider-Man PS5 and, hopefully also, a better understanding of the price, release date and much, much more of the PS5; since at least in Brazil, we are all waiting to see if we should sell our kidney sooner or not. So stay tuned to MarriedGames for more information as you arrive and watch the stream whenever it goes live.

Anyway, for more information about Playstation 5 and The Future of Games; Sony also left an official link, which you can access at:

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