Pokémon GO Friendship Challenge: Learn how to complete

Pokémon GO has its Friendship Challenge, which is available to all Pokémon GO players. The Challenge is part of the last week of preparation for the Pokemon GO Fest 2020, which will take place on the 25th and 26th of July. The friendship challenge is done in three stages, and all players who complete it will have access to the Elite Challenge. The Friendship Challenge is temporary and can be completed until next Wednesday (22) until 22h of Brasília time.

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Friendship challenge is preparation for pokémon go fest

How to complete the Pokémon GO Friendship Challenge:

The challenge consists of 3 stages that need to be completed, and each stage earns you some rewards. Finally, there is also the Elite Friendship challenge.

Etapa 1

  • Win 1 heart with your partner
  • Send 1 gift to a friend
  • Play with your partner

General rewards: 100 EP, 100 Star Dust, 10 Poké Ball

Reward: 1 Raspberry Fruit

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Reward: 100 Star Dust

Reward: 1 Caxí Fruit

Etapa 2

  • Send five gifts to friends
  • Win five Hearts with your partner
  • Win a candy walking with your partner

General rewards: 300 EP, Raichu Alola, 300 Star Dust

Reward: 10 Caxí Fruit

Reward: 10 Raspberry Fruit

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Reward: 1 Rare Sweet

Etapa 3

  • Take a picture of your mate
  • Send ten gifts to friends
  • Win ten hearts with your mate

General rewards: 1 Rare Sweet, Petilil, 1 Lucky Egg

Reward: 10 Caxí Fruit

Reward: 500 Stardust

Reward: 20 Raspberry Fruit

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Elite Friendship Challenge

The Elite Friendship Challenge has only one step, but it is considerably more difficult to complete than the common challenge. The Elite Challenge must also be completed during the regular event period.

  • Use thirty fruits to help catch Pokémon
  • Send thirty gifts to friends
  • Win thirty hearts with your mate

General rewards: 500 Star Dust, 500 PE, 5 Raspberry Fruit

Reward: 5 Anaba Fruit

Reward: 5 Raspberry Fruit

Reward: 5 Caxí Fruit

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