Pokémon GO now allows Raids from a distance

Pokémon GO has been adapting to quarantine due to the coronavirus; so to keep people at home Niantic created the Remote Raid Pass, a way for Raids to be done without leaving the house.  

The Remote Raid Pass was announced by Niantic, as an item that can be purchased and will cost 1 PokéCoin; this will then allow players to make Raids Battles, which appear on your “Nearby” screen, from a distance.

To celebrate the arrival of the Remote Raid Pass, Niantic also announced that some Legendary Pokémon will reappear in the 5-star raids. The Pokémon are as follows:

  • Darkrai - April 28 to May 5
  • Altered Forme Giratina - May 5th to May 12th
  • Virizion - May 12th to May 19th
Pokémon go wins remote raid pass to adapt to quarantine due to coronavirus
Pokémon GO now lets you raid without leaving your home.

How Pokémon GO raids will work

You will need a Remote Raid Pass for each raid you are participating in, and there will be a limit on the Raid Pass you can have. Up to 20 players can join for the same raid.

Any raid can be done through the Remote Raid Pass, so it will count for missions or medals related to the raid. During the launch, the remote players will have the same damage as the players present; but after the launch period, remote players will have less damage.

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"We will make adjustments to this functionality over time," said Niantic. "Including the number of coaches who can join remotely, the possibility of inviting friends regardless of location, and the aforementioned adjustment to the attack power of coaches in a remote raid".

Niantic has been showing how much he cares about his players, adapting Pokémon GO so that it is possible to play even in quarantine due to the coronavirus.

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