Pumpkins Invade Pokémon Unite on Halloween

A spooky holiday hits Nintendo's moba with Pokémon Unite on Halloween

Halloween has arrived on the Isle of Aeos, and Trainers will find a pile of pumpkins in Pokémon UNITE. Starting today, October 20, 2021, through November 10, 2021, the game will feature all sorts of tricks and tricks, including a fun new addition to battles in Mer Stadium, special bonuses that give players pumpkins, and festive new ways to dress up your character and Pokemon. Also, it looks like the game is scarier than usual…

Pokémon unite on halloween
Pokémon Unite on Halloween

Trainers will be able to use special attacks like Pumpkin Toss and Pumpkin Push when playing in quick battle mode in Mer Stadium. By participating in the festive battles at Mer Stadium, players can receive collectible pumpkins that can be exchanged for limited Halloween items. Mer Stadium will be decorated for Halloween only until November 10th.

Earn Bonus in Pokémon Unite on Halloween

There are also other ways to get pumpkins. Starting today, they will be available in the daily log-in bonuses from October 20th to November 7th, and Trainers will also be able to complete daily quests from October 24th to November 2nd to get even more pumpkins. These pumpkins can be used on the Pumpkin Exchange to be exchanged for certain items like Battle Point Boost cards, a Unite license from Greedent, a Halloween wallpaper, a Halloween hat and much more.

Pokémon UNITE, the first Pokémon team battle strategy game, is free to play on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, with optional in-game purchases available. For more information about Pokémon UNITE, visit the official website. Talk to us in the comments and let us know if you liked this news and take the opportunity to read more News on our website.

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