Possible Horizon Zero Dawn movie

Rumors suggest that Horizon Zero Dwan could win a movie in 2022. According to a Twitter user named Rythian who claims to be an action RPG developer and works at HBO Max, tweeted about future plans for Playstation Productions; which is a studio that is responsible for adaptations of Sony's games for the cinema.

Rumors suggest that horizon zero dwan could win a film in 2022.
Possible Horizon Zero Dawn Movie | horizon

According to him, the adaptations of games for series and films for 2021 are Sly Cooper as a series, Twisted Metal as a series and PaRappa the Rapper as a series; 2022 would have Horizon Zero Dawn as a film; and with no specific date has Ratchet & Clank as a series and another film with no specified title.


Além disso, rythian said Sony has also partnered with Warner Media and that all and the programs listed will be exclusive to HBO. The Last of Us is also being considered, as it fits this profile very well.

Sly Cooper has had its series in production for a long time, and was scheduled for 2019 and still nothing. According to the rumor, no broadcaster wanted to broadcast the series, having been turned down by Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, staying with WarnerMedia.

As well as Twisted Metal was announced in an unusual way last year, but there are no official confirmations.

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About Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an adventure game exclusive to Playstation 4; it has an open map and incredible and charming graphics. The game takes place in a distant, post-apocalyptic future, where the world was dominated by machines. Within Horizon you will be playing with Aloy, a child who was apparently abandoned by his parents; as well as was exiled from its tribe, the Nora, being created by one also exiled.

Throughout the game many things are revealed, such as: what happened to the world in the past, because the machines are as they are, which is really Aloy. However, to discover all this Aloy embarks on an exciting adventure with events of extreme importance throughout history.

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