Is Predator Hunting Grounds Crossplay at party real?

Party Predator Hunting Grounds Crossplay is taboo at the moment.

There are games that have caught my attention since the beginning due to several factors and Predator Hunting Grounds was one of them; because I would have a game where I could be the predator or kill the same.

We played the game at BGS 2020; and our expectations got higher and higher in relation to the new title from the developer of Friday the 13Th: The Game; and we also made some news about the game and its development while our hype only increased. Even more because of the possibility of playing with friends on different platforms at parties

Predator: hunting grounds game | ps4 - playstation

Predator Hunting Grounds does not have a Cross party

The game was announced with the Cross play option that would already be available in the game's Open Beta; but at the time this feature was not accessible.

The developer then reported that the possibility of playing with friends from another platform would come along with the official launch and it really did.

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However, one thing was not put in the final version of the game and so far it remains a mystery. Can I set up a Party with my friend from the other platform?

The answer is no.

The game so far in this post does not have this capability. You can play crossplay only in standard matchmaking.

Until now, the game's developer has not commented on the subject in any of its networks; but we hope that this possibility comes in a future game update

Anyway, remember access the game page and also to see more news

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