Prime Gaming: Twitch Prime changes its name!

Prime Gaming, is now the new name for the Twitch Prime platform, as announced by Amazon this Monday (10). However, besides the name, few things should change for those who already sign or intend to sign the program.

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According to Brandon Ove, an Amazon executive, Prime Gaming's benefits and services remain the same, which are:

  • A monthly subscription to a channel on Twitch
  • Selection of free games every month
  • Rewards on selected games.

Brandon Ove says that Amazon also intends to continue with partnerships with developer EA, Rockstar Games and Riot Games to bring some exclusive game content to Prime Gaming. He also said that the Roblox game will soon enter the list of selected games.

Prime gaming: loot page
Prime Gaming: Twitch Prime changes its name! | Prime Gaming

So why did the name change to Prime Gaming?

However, the name change was necessary since all of this will now be organized by Amazon Prime and not by Twitch anymore, so the service will appear alongside other Amazon services, such as Prime Video and Amazon Music. Then, you will no longer need a Twitch account to use Prime Gaming. According to Ove, there are 150 million Prime platform subscribers worldwide.

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For him, there is also another goal in the change, which is to reach people who play casually or with their family; and with that, expand the focus of the program for mobile games, as we already see in Mobile Legends and others.

Currently the Prime Gaming service has extra content available for: League of Legends, Apex Legends, GTA Online, Big Farm, Red Dead Online, Legends of Runeterra, Destiny 2, FIFA 20, Black Desert Mobile, Warframe, Epic Seven, Mobile Legends , DOOM, World of Warships, Runescape, World of Tanks and TERA. So, if you play any of these games, you can already enter the Prime Gaming page to redeem your loot!

The Amazon Prime service has a value of R $ 9,90 in Brazil, and will in no way change in value due to the change to Prime Gaming.

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