Raid: Shadow Legends announces pro player s1mple as playable character

S1mple will be available to all players during a two-month in-game event starting this Wednesday (December 1)

A Plarium, a global leader in the development of midcore games for mobile and PC with more than 400 million users worldwide, today announces that the famous sports star and world champion of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), Oleksandr “S1mple” Kostylyev, will become a new Legendary Champion playable in turn-based RPG RAID: Shadow Legends.

From this Wednesday (December 1st), the S1mple character will be available for free to all players of RAID, starting on the 7th day of gameplay within a two-month period.
In 2021 alone, NAVI, Ukraine's electronic sports organization led by S1mple, took 1st place in many CS:GO tournaments, including BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020, Intel Extreme Masters XVI – Cologne, ESL Pro League Season 14 e Intel Grand Slam Season 3. In keeping with his CS:GO reputation, the S1mple Champion arrives with unrivaled marksmanship and accuracy, being an Elf High with one of the best shooting skills in the game.

pro player simple as character
pro player simple as character

Be the s1mple pro player as a character in Raid

“We are excited to have one of the greatest CS:GO players of all time become his own Legendary Champion in RAID: Shadow Legends,” said Sergey Bragilevskiy, Plarium's director of growth. “We spent significant time with S1mple to determine how he sees himself in the world of RAID and we can't wait for fans to get a chance to add it to their game.”
S1mple joins more than 500 exclusive champions from RAID across 14 different factions and can be used in all game modes including single player campaign (PVE), Dungeons, Arenas, Faction Wars, Tower of Doom and Clan vs. Clan Tournaments. Clan. The partnership with Simple is the continuation of a greater involvement between RAID and NAVI, which started in January 2021, when RAID has become a proud sponsor of the NAVI shirt throughout this year's competitions.
“We are excited to see S1mple join the universe of RAID: Shadow Legends, with a unique collaboration that brings gaming closer to e-sports players,” said Oleksandr 'nerve' Pavlenko, marketing director at NAVI. “We are proud of S1mple and its immense success with our team. your champion in RAID, Aleksandr the Archer, will certainly bring players from RAID as many wins as Simple brings home in real life — and he looks really awesome with elf ears! ”

“It was an amazing experience to become a champion of RAID: Shadow Legends, especially one that was built to symbolize my CS:GO talents,” S1mple said. “I can't wait for my fans to get a chance to add this character to their team and beat their records!”
RAID: Shadow Legends is available for download on devices iOS e Android, in addition to PC through the Microsoft Store or from the platform Plarium Play. For more information about Plarium, visit:

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