PS5 will not launch in October

Sony said the listed information that the PS5 would be released in October is a mistake. That rumor came after a job list suggested that Sony would launch the Playstation 5 in October. At first, nothing about the final launch date or the planned period was informed.

Sony said the listed information that the ps5 would be released in October is a mistake.

Job openings were announced on a Japanese recruitment website. One line in question mentioned that the launch would be in October, supposedly that would be the reason for the new vacancies.

The Japanese company itself Famitsu, got in touch with Sony to say it said the information was mistakenly included by the recruiting company.

At first Sony has been revealing new information about the PS5 slowly, without details about the next generation games, nor the official design of the console. The biggest revelations to date have been the official controller, DualSense 5. As well as Playstation Studios, the new brand for games produced by Sony studios.

Currently Sony has been very secretive about news about the console, new games, exclusives and other things. The biggest details I fear now are about the hardware of the console and a little bit about the control, where we haven't seen any video demonstrating yet.

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In return, Microsoft has already unveiled its new console, the Xbox X Series. As well as held and will hold a series of online events to give more details about the console and games. As well as a good overview of how the work of third-party games that are being programmed for the new console has already passed. Microsoft has also commented on the release date of the Xbox X Series, which had been mentioned on the official website.

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