Krafton Announces New PUBG Fest Events

PUBG promotes Partners Month with activities from Monday to Friday with prizes and promotes dispute between squads of partners formed with the community

Following the PUBG FEST, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS mega-event that brings a series of activities and celebrations during the months of September, October and November, KRAFTON, Inc. promotes Partners Month. In October, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS partner content producers will come together for a series of activities that will take place every week of the month, Monday through Friday. 

In addition to the weekly challenges that will need to be completed to reward the partner and his community, influencers will have to assemble the best possible squad with their viewers to face the squad of other partners. 

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PUBG Fest Partner Month

Live Quest is a competition that will award the partners who produce the most hours of content in October, until the 24th. The winning partner will win a personalized PUBG Gamer Chair with their name engraved, while the other three participants who register the most hours will receive a Viper Mini PUBG mouse personalized with their respective names.

Among the activities of the second month of PUBG Fest

Partner Missions: Weekly challenges proposed by PUBG to partners, which are not necessarily easy to fulfill or make sense. Upon completing them, the partner receives G-Coin codes to distribute to their community and extra points in Live Quest, the partner's activity of the month.
PUBG invasion: A raid on partner channels on Twitch. Once a week, the PUBG team opens a live to gather spectators and then raids some randomly chosen partner channel. The activity also includes the distribution of G-Coin keys.
PUBG Strengthens: Every week, PUBG will publish, on its social networks, the transmissions of five different partners. Stay tuned to attend and give you a boost too!
Chat vs. Chat: Partners must assemble the best possible squad with their entries and challenge other partners. By taking or participating in a challenge, the partner earns Live Quest points. There is also a participation limit of four matches per influencer.
Live Quest: Competition between partners that will award the one who produces the most content during the month, valid until October 24th. The producer with the highest score will receive a personalized gamer chair with their name engraved, while each of the other top three players will receive a personalized Viper Mini mouse also engraved with their name. Points can be earned by accumulating broadcast hours and participating in the other PUBG Fest challenges.

In November, continuing the PUBG Fest, Nation Battlegrounds will take place, a PUBG championship involving several Latin American countries. For more information about PUBG Fest's October activities, please please click here. For the latest information on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, please visit the official website or follow the game's social media on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook e YouTube. Enjoy and read more News on our website and leave in the comments if you liked the news.

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