Alien Plants Invade PUBG MOBILE in Update 1.6

Seven classic game modes are back on PUBG MOBILE in Update 1.6, plus new partnerships with Alan Walker, the return of Godzilla vs. Kong

The PUGB MOBILE 1.6 update, available since Monday (13), features the new “Flora Menace” game mode, an invasion of alien plants, spaceship battles and a new combat supply delivery system. The 1.6 version of PUBG MOBILE is available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Yarilo alien plants have taken control of Erange and now it's up to the players to fight back! In this special game mode, Yarilo mother plants will randomly appear in areas of the urban map, creating Rejuvenation Barriers that increase and regenerate the player's health. Eragel will also host the Cell Matrix, an alien spacecraft flying high above the map. Players can board the ship by finding cells scattered across the map and then fight other opponents while earning Nacore tokens.

Mobile Pubg in Update 1. 6
fight the aliens

Nacore tokens are used for the new DynaHex supply system, which allows players to order combat supplies for a specific location. There are limited respawns in the Cell Matrix, so players who run out will be ejected back to the ground. After a certain period of time, the Cell Matrix will start to fit. Those who manage to survive will continue battles with other spaceships.

The Flora Menace invasion began in Erange this Monday (13) and will continue its incursion into Sanhok on September 18th, followed by Livik on September 22nd. The Cell Matrix will only appear in Erange.

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Play as the Champions

What's Next for PUBG MOBILE in Update 1.6

The 1.6 update also brings back to PUBG MOBILE the re-release of seven game modes:

  • Metro Royale: Reunion, starting September 28 – Travel through dangerous underground tunnels, survive and reap the rewards of victory;
  • Titans: Last Stand, as of September 28 – Join the Monarch Expeditionary team and use heavy weaponry to help defeat Mechagodzilla;
  • Vikendi, from October 8th – Vikendi's cold map returns. Don't forget to bring your snow gear;
  • Survive until dawn, from October 15th - When the sun goes down, survive the zombie attack;
  • Payload 2.0, as of October 15 – Get ready for some truly explosive combat;
  • Rune Power, October 15th – Embed energy from fire, ice or wind, collect crystals and dominate your enemies on the battlefield;
  • Infection Mode, from October 15th – Choose to be the Defender or the Zombie in this fast-paced infection game.

PUGB MOBILE continues its series of partnerships with the 1.6 update. DJ Alan Walker, known worldwide for hits like 'Faded,' 'Darkside,' 'All Falls Down' and 'Alone', is returning to the game with exclusive music, skins and items starting Sept. 23 on PUBG MOBILE.

In addition to all these news, during the PUBG MOBILE TEAM UP CHALLENGE partnerships were announced with the famous anime JUJUTSU KAISEN, the architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architects, the racing game with over 25 million players KartRider Rush +, and DUNE, long-awaited film adaptation of the classic science fiction book. More details about these partnerships will be shared on the official social channels of PUBG MOBILE soon.

A number of gameplay improvements were also made as part of the 1.6 update. Updated player animations, controls and the HUD, along with more options for customizing the settings. Players can also enjoy unlimited ammo mode in Training Mode, with the P90, MG3, ASM Abakan added as usable firearms. A new “Highlights” mode can also be activated in the settings, so players can check their best kills at the end of a match in Classic Mode.

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Mobile Pubg in Update 1. 6
New items

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PUBG Mobile it already has over ten million downloads and nearly a million user reviews. Fortunately, it's actually a very competent mobile FPS. It has simple and effective controls, decent graphics and a simple premise. Basically, 100 people fall out of a plane on an island and fight until only one is left standing.

The island is full of equipment, weapons and vehicles along with mechanics that shrink the playing area over time to prevent matches from taking too long. Recent updates have added new game modes as well as a free-to-play element. For more information about PUBG: NEW STATE, which recently passed the 32 million pre-registration mark on Google Play.

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