PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary: ​​partnership revealed with the film Godzilla vs. Kong

The two giant monsters arrive soon in the game

During the PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary, which took place this Sunday afternoon, the 21st, an unexpected announcement was made: Tencent announced an unprecedented partnership with Warner Bros.’s next action film, Godzilla vs. Kong.

'' Godzilla vs. Kong will be released on March 31 and, as a special gift for you, we are offering a new mode that will give PUBG Mobile players a special encounter with the two monsters, '' said film director Adam Wingard.

Pubg mobile 3rd anniversary
Several new features were revealed at the PUBG Mobile event (Image via Tencent / / PUBG Mobile)

In this mode, players will have the possibility to face the two monsters, but no more details or conceptual art were given, nor even a date for this update and event.

However, it is likely to come along with showing the films in theaters. Godzilla vs. Kong will be shown internationally on March 24 and in the USA on March 31.

Based on the synopsis, the third film in this 'monsterverse' shows the giant monsters, Godzilla and Kong, fighting each other, for reasons still unknown. Meanwhile, humanity tries to save itself, neutralizing the two monsters and recovering the planet. Check out the official trailer for the film:

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Godzilla and kong will be on pugb mobile
Godzilla vs. Kong opens worldwide on March 24 in theaters (Image via Warner Bros. / / Godzilla vs. Kong)

In addition, the most information we have is this tweet, courtesy of the official PUBG Mobile account in Japan:

MORE NEWS AT PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary

During the third birthday party, Tencent also released the game’s sixth classic map, Karakin’s, which will be on the PUBG Mobile from April 7th. Karakin is a desert land, full of caves and tunnels to chase your opponents. This new 2 x 2 km map is expected to intensify combat in the game and deliver an exciting new dynamic to fans.

The party also featured the presentation of several musical attractions, such as Alesso, Lost Frequencies and R3HAB. Check out the trailer for the new map below.

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