PUBG MOBILE : Close ties between parents and children

The world's most popular battle royale mobile has become more than a game, but a way for parents to get closer to their kids; see some examples

Evaldo, father of streamer carol watching his livestream from pubg mobile
Evaldo, father of streamer Carol watching her PUGB MOBILE livestream

According to data from this year's Game Brazil Survey, 83,8% of parents or guardians with gamer children play together. It's the PUBG MOBILE helped to strengthen the bonds between them, whether streamers, pro players or just casual players. PUBG MOBILE managed to unite parents, uncles, godparents and changed the history of many players. Like that of streamer Carol Procek, whose father went from supporter to moderator of her channel.

Creator Squad Streamer PUBG MOBILE, Carol received from the beginning the support of her parents, who even sent a gamer chair personalized with her name and made t-shirts of her. Your typical father Evaldo “dad owl”, has always followed his broadcasts, whether on the TV in the living room in 4K or on his cell phone at family gatherings. And the interest in watching her to end up working for her daughter was a step.

"He always watched and talked to other people in the chat on broadcasts of PUBG MOBILE,” says Carol. "And that's when I got the idea: no one better than my own father to ban the toxic crowd that showed up there."

And the ban comes fierce for those who are moderator and daddy taking care of their daughter.

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"I'm very proud of what she does, I really like to see her play PUBG MOBILE” says Evaldo. "In the chat, people say that it's really cool for me to support her and, as a moderator, if you hesitate, you get a ban."

The pro-player paralyze and his uncle, david
Pro-player Paralyze and his uncle, David

So it was with Paralyze that he started his trajectory in PUBG MOBILE in season 2 of the game, just for fun. However, when he got to know the competitive, he took part in a “scrim” (open training sessions for amateurs and professionals, some with prizes) and won. It was then realized that it could have a future in the game.

In 2018, at Star Challenge, he needed his uncle's cell phone to play and when he realized, he was also addicted to PUBG MOBILE. “In addition to his uncle, he is my godfather and I live with him. He was the basis of everything, he was the one who convinced my mother that this could be good for me!” said the sniper.

Paralyze has his godfather Davi as his father, as in addition to always supporting him in his professional career, he was also the great father figure in his life. “If it weren't for him, I wouldn't play the PUBG MOBILE today. My cell phone was not good and I asked him to let me play on his, so he got to know it and started to like the game, starting to support me even more!”

Today the athlete is a newly hired sniper for Flamengo, a team of his uncle's heart, who is super happy to see his nephew's career on the rise in the competitive scene. “I never imagined Flamengo with PUBG MOBILE, now in addition to rooting for Flamengo's football, I'm rooting for him in eSports and for my nephew!”

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