PUBG NEW STATE to be released on November 11th

Launch will be simultaneous in over 200 countries; KRAFTON's plans include a lot of new content and big investment in combating the use of cheating

KRAFTON, Inc. announced that PUBG NEW STATE will officially launch for iOS and Android in over 200 countries on November 11th. The announcement came this week during an online event to talk about the game. Among the information presented are plans for the game after release, including a consistent range of new content, global support and anti-cheating measures. The presentation was led by, CH Kim, CEO of KRAFTON; Minkyu Park, executive producer; Daehun Kim, creative director; Henry Chung, head of publishing, and Sangwan Kim, head of the Anti-Cheat unit. 

Developed by PUBG Studio, pioneer of the battle royale genre and creator of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, PUBG: NEW STATE will be released free of charge for Android and iOS operating systems in 17 languages. The game will take the entire battle royale experience currently available on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS for iOS and Android, featuring one of the most realistic and technologically advanced mobile games of the current generation.

Pubg new state will be released
Pubg New State

PUBG NEW STATE to be released with new features and updates

CH KIM, CEO of KRAFTON, commented during the presentation that the company “will continue to produce games that can be enjoyed by gamers around the world. We are committed to providing a comprehensive experience, based on our belief that games will become the most powerful form of media.”
Setting the standard for battle royale on mobile: The game's executive producer, Minkyu Park, presented what makes PUBG NEW STATE a competitive and unique game. The game uses state-of-the-art rendering technology and a shooting system on the same level as that found in the PC version of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. The graphic quality of PUBG NEW STATE also raises the limits of what was previously possible to do on mobile.
Key Features and Upgrade Plans: Creative Director Daehun Kim explained that PUBG NEW STATE aims to boost the battle royale genre through unique features that include weapon customization, drone shop, unique player recruitment system and other details yet to be released. At the time of its release, the game will feature four unique maps, including the futuristic Troi and Erange, the classic map in the PUBG franchise. The game will also receive regular updates with new content, gameplay improvements and season services focused on balance and fun.

Global Service Planning: Henry Chung, Head of Publishing, explained that KRAFTON's global plan for PUBG: NEW STATE will have a strong focus on communicating with fans and providing stable service through nine global service centers. The company is also pursuing a variety of initiatives to live up to the expectations set by the global gaming community and provide the best possible gaming experience for all fans.
Ensuring a fair battleground through massive investment in anti-cheat features: Sangwan Kim, head of the anti-cheat unit at PUBG Studios, pointed out that KRAFTON will ban any use of unauthorized programs such as emulators, even keyboards and mice, and will actively detect and restrict hacks to prevent game code. In addition to technical responses, player feedback will also be thoroughly evaluated and implemented through updates.
Finally, the company announced that PUBG NEW STATE has surpassed 50 million pre-registered users for iOS and Android. Pre-registration was originally started in February 2021 when KRAFTON officially unveiled the game.

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