Check out Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay, game will be out in September

The gameplay of Rainbow Six Extraction was the first game presented by Ubisoft, through your conference at E3 2021, along with the release date set for September 16th for all platforms.

Rainow six extraction to be released in September | check out rainbow six extraction gameplay, game out in september
Check out Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay, game will be out in September

In the trailer we can see the new face of the new Rainbow Six line game, with a proposal aimed at co-op. The game brings stunning graphics and a new experience for players. R6 Extraction will work cooperatively for up to 3 players. The game will also feature crossplay, allowing people to play together platform-independent.

In 2019, the game had already been named Quarentine, but after the pandemic that swept the world in 2020, Ubisoft decided to change the name to Extraction.

No longer in separate teams, Ela, Lion and Nomad team up and go to the last rage to rescue Hibana from a deadly parasitic threat from the unpredictable containment zone

Rainbow Six Extraction Official Synopsis

Rainbow Six Extraction Gameplay

The classic mechanics of R6 are present in this new title, but with a more tense and challenging grip. Gameplay seems to have a good variety, pushing the relativity of the franchise aside.

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Game will be circulating from September 16th on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and PC. What did you think of the novelty? Account for us in the comments! For more information about the game, check it out through our website!

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