League of Legends: Ranked receive change

Rioter Codebear, Product Manager for League of Legends Competitive Gaming mechanics, talked about changes ranked ranks.

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Since February / 2020, a Riot plan has been in place to fix the League of Legends Algorithm of the ranked ranks to bring balanced matches to everyone. So, for this year Riot set the following goals:

Better quality of match management without compromising queue time or availability.

Greater transparency involving ranked and management systems.

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Greater satisfaction in progressing and expressing skills.

More recognizable and relevant rewards for the time dedicated to LoL.

Ability to meet other people and play with them.

Greater visibility of measures taken in cases of bad behavior

League of Legends and the Changes: First Results

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As a first focus, there was an improvement in the quality of match management, without compromising queuing time. This was very cool especially for the high elo community, which used to claim that it took more than 20 minutes to find a match, and now complains about the unbalance of the queue. So, as initial results they had:

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  • Autofill parity: Launched at 10.6, parity consists of placing the same number of autocomplete players on each team. According to Riot, the imbalance fell from 11,4% to less than 5%, with almost no change in queuing time.
  • Autofill exchange: A bug that occurred frequently was that the algorithm did not take into account your secondary or primary lane in order of priority to put you in an autocomplete position, however, in 10.7 it ended up being solved.
  • Parity of predefined matches: Also in 10.7 the parity of predefined matches has been adjusted so that you always fall against a team that also has the same number of predefined players as yours. The results were impressive and the inequality dropped from 54% to 6% with almost zero impact on queuing time depending on the level of skill.
  • New match management algorithm: A new algorithm that has now been put into effect in patch 10.10 has been tested all this time. The new algorithm more quickly assesses the skills of both new and veteran players, making game balance more consistent in most regions. The algorithm will actually go into match management at the beginning of the pre-season in order to avoid major impacts on the MMR of ranked matches.


Anyway, it looks like Riot is really involved in making ranked ranks a better place to play.

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