Ready Set Heroes: We play at BGS

Ready set heroes being cute

Ready Set Heroes has a very simple look and has several 2 × 2 game mechanics where teams must accomplish different objectives while taking crystals around the scene to score points.

First of all it is important to warn that the demo is very fast and it was not possible to get all the experience in a single game, but still, I managed to enjoy the game

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Beautiful graphics, beautifully designed characters and fluid gameplay.

The game very well designed to be that game of relaxing, while having fun with a friend

About the game

Transform from a mere stranger into a HERO in this dynamic adventure game in dungeons with multiplayer mode combined with EPIC widespread arena fighting! Choose your character and explore a random dungeon to kill monsters, escape traps and pick up many items to increase your powers. You will need them, because an opposing team is also in the same dungeon! Whoever reaches the end of the dungeon first will trigger a brutal combat arena, where the winner gets everything. Two teams enter the arena, but only one survives in the end.

Where to play at Brasil Game Show?

At BGS, the game can be played at the Playstation booth. Unlike other games like Predator Hunting Grounds and Marvel Avengers, the game does not need to be scheduled in the Playstation experience app to be played.

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About Robot Entertainment

Robot Entertainment is the same company that created the hit game Orcs Must Die! 3. The company comes from Dallas, in the United States, whose studio is located 20 minutes north of the state.

You can access the game page by clicking here.

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