RED Canids Kalunga: New Brawl Stars team debuts on Saturday

First, the RED Canids Kalunga, one of the biggest e-Sports teams in Brazil entered a new competitive modality. So, this time, the players Guilherme 'GuiGool' Nascimento, João 'Parzival' Vitor and Thaygo 'KaduhYT' Ferreira; And coach Paulo 'MartinsBR' Martins entered the competitive game Brawl Stars, launched by SuperCell. Same producer of the famous games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The premiere will be on Saturday (07/03) in Katowice, Poland; There, the monthly finals of the competition took place, which in addition to the cash prize counts points for the world of the modality.

“We are very happy to be joining the great Red Matilha. Our line-up is integrated and we have potential. In the last world we advanced to the semifinal, and with the structure of RED Canids Kalunga we will go even further ”, said 'MartinsBR', manager of the Brawl Stars team.

"We realized the growth potential of Brawl Stars and decided to bet on these boys who had been standing out for some time", explains Felippe Corradini, CEO of RED Canids Kalunga. According to him, having a team of Brawl Stars strengthens the organization and reinforces the interest of RED Canids Kalunga in all types of eSports.

brawl stars red canids kalunga
RED Canids Kalunga: New Brawl Stars Team Debuts Saturday | brawl stars, red canids | Red Canids Kalunga

About RED Canids Kalunga

Anyway, created in 2015, initially as RED Canids and only to compete in the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLoL); In January 2016, the eSports organization was acquired by Felippe Corradini, a businessman and event organizer in the sector, and began his ascent to become one of the strongest and most organized clubs in Brazil; Currently with 8 teams competing in the main championships of LoL, CS: GO, Free Fire, Fortnite, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, World of Warcraf and Brawl Stars. Sponsored by Kalunga since May 2018, when it was renamed RED Canids Kalunga; From AX, AOC, GigaPro, HyperX, Live Arena, Uninter and Warrior, has a gaming house in Vila Mariana, in São Paulo; With two studios for streamers and all the necessary infrastructure for the training and well-being of athletes, and a virtual store ( where branded clothing and accessories are sold.

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