Resident Evil Resistance could win Nemesis

One of the defining aspects of Resident Evil 3 is, without a doubt, the great stalker that accompanies Jill throughout the game. Nemesis is not only one of the most memorable enemies in the history of Resident Evil, but perhaps one of the most recognizable monsters in the history of video games.

It is my pleasure to announce that, starting today, you will be able to play as Nemesis in Resident Evil Resistance through today's update that features Nicholai Ginovaef as a mentor!

Along with Nicholai's powerful abilities, he will also be able to summon Nemesis; complete with its own set of deadly tools to unleash unfortunate survivors - the first time Nemesis was playable in a Resident Evil game.

To celebrate this occasion, Tim Turi of PlayStation asked the development team behind Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil Resistance; to share additional information about one of the game’s biggest monsters, including how they updated Nemesis’s design to a new generation in Resident Evil 3 and created a game version for Resident Evil Resistance. (Warning, there are some minor spoilers for Resident Evil 3 below.)

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Questions about Resident Evil Resistance

Where does research on the Nemesis project fit into the overall plans of the Umbrella company at the time of RE3? Is it your biggest achievement at the time, a side project etc.?

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Umbrella Corporation's biological weapons research was split between Europe and America. The European branch handled the Nemesis project, while the American branch handled the T-virus research together.

The Nemesis project was to artificially create the parasite Plagas (first introduced in Resident Evil 4), giving birth to the NE-α. The idea was to find an appropriate active host that could contain NE-α; which in turn would change physically and turn your host into a biological weapon. However, the reality was that no host could contain the power of NE-α, nor were there any means to regulate it. As a result, the project was inevitably placed on ice.

Meanwhile, the American subsidiary had completed the creation of the Tyrant biological weapon using the T virus, to the point that it could send it for real field tests. Feeling the pressure, Umbrella Europe decided to use Tyrant as a basis for the creation of Nemesis.

The Nemesis project was pushed very aggressively and achieved results; but the NE-α needed to be regulated through a chest piece fitted to the host, as well as equipped with containment equipment to prevent it from becoming harmful while on the field.

Nemesis still pronounces the classic "STARS" line while chasing Jill. Was there any consideration in completely removing Nemesis' speech or providing even more lines?

In the early stages of development, we definitely consider adding more dialogue to show your enhanced intelligence. In the middle, there was also a phase where we thought that too much dialogue would make Nemesis less scary, so we had considered the option of saying nothing. At the end of the day, part of Nemesis' fear factor is his relentless pursuit of eliminating all STARS members, so we left the phrase “STARS” there as a means of communicating this to the player.

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Nemesis starts the game almost entirely covered in black material, almost like a body bag. Can you please offer information about this aesthetic change, the decision behind it and how this material is damaged during the game?

Nemesis is not a complete model, but a prototype. The black material is not Nemesis’s official outfit and was a restrictive outfit that was randomly created quickly to contain it, which is why he has these looks. We hoped to create an aesthetic contrast between Nemesis and Tyrant from Resident Evil 2, which has a more complete and finished look.

Nemesis can now infect zombies with parasites. What did Capcom's team of developers hope to achieve with this change, both from a narrative perspective and from gameplay?

This was implemented as a means of differentiating Nemesis from Tyrant in Resident Evil 2. We wanted Nemesis to appear as an even more formidable opponent, so we started to consider alternative skills in addition to his heavy artillery.

We inevitably decided on this final ability due to the presence of Ganado in Resident Evil 4. Ganado are humanoid enemies created by being infected by the parasite Plagas, the original base of NE-α. When Plagas is activated, it spawns from its host's neck in the form of a tentacle. NE-α was created to mimic this parasitic quality. We wanted the enemies infected with NE-α to be visually similar to the Ganados infected by Plagas, as a means for fans to understand how Nemesis fits into the entire Resident Evil franchise.

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Anyway, remember to access more news, but also access the official game page.

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