Company creator of Roblox is suing Youtuber Troll

Banned from the game a few years ago, Ruben Sim has been a thorn in the side of Roblox so far.

Roblox is suing YouTuber Benjamin “Ruben Yes” Simon for its alleged attacks on the platform on social media games and harassing its young players. A lawsuit filed in California court on Tuesday wants the longtime banned player to pay $1,6 million in damages and stop harassing Roblox employees and players.

First reported by Polygon, the lawsuit contains a slew of allegations against Simon, who has been making and profiting from Roblox videos since 2010. These videos span the entire spectrum, featuring him doing everything from sexually harassing players he meets in-game to publicizing “terrorist threats” against the company during its annual convention.

According to Roblox, this prompted the company to temporarily close its Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco last month after Simon posted about police looking for "Islamic extremists" at the event. The company claims it cost $50.000 to investigate the false reports.

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Roblox is suing youtuber for more than trolling

Here are some other things Simon is accused of in the process:

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  • “Glamourising the April 3, 2018 sniper and murder at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, Calif., and threatening/insulting a copycat terrorist act at Roblox headquarters outside San Mateo, California”;
  • “Trying to carry an image of himself naked with just a lamp covering his genitals”;
  • “Using racial and homophobic slurs, creating and using inappropriate accounts with sexual names”;
  • “Trying to upload a sex game”;
  • “Trying to upload photos of Hitler”;

Although Simon has been banned from the platform for years, Roblox argues that it continues to gain access to the game through alternate and fake accounts, and still routinely harass company staff with defamatory comments. Simon's YouTube account currently has over 700.000 subscribers, and he currently earns over $600 per new video uploaded to his Patreon.

Roblox is suing youtuber
Ruben's channel logo Sim

While their behavior isn't necessarily exceptional when it comes to the vast world of toxic online games, it's especially troubling for Roblox, a company valued at more than $45 billion thanks to its enormous popularity with kids. Last month, the company announced that it was revising community standards to ban politics and romance from the platform to promote itself as a safer and more welcoming place for younger gamers.

Earlier this year, CEO David Baszucki told Axios that the company uses “2.000 real human analysts” to review content that may violate their terms of service, but things slip away anyway. The platform was recently accused of struggling to moderate sexual content and be a “playground for virtual fascists".

The game was also accused of exploiting child labor for profit. An investigation by the group of YouTube documentaries People Make Games in August he investigated how the platform uses the lure of earning money as a developer to attract young players, even when most of them never see a penny for the effort they put into it. Neither Roblox nor Ruben Sim commented on the lawsuit. Now, just wait and see what happens with youtuber.

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Source: Polygon

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