Rogue Company beginner's guide: Check out tips!

The Rogue Company is a third-person shooter that has gained great popularity in recent days due to its very interesting and innovative gameplay. The game is currently still in closed beta, and you can get a key with Twitch drops, just like in Valorant, at the time of Closed Beta. Rogue Company has the best elements of the main shooting games today, such as CS: GO, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty: Warzone.

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Rogue company guide for beginners: check out tips! | 635dca40 roco egs standard herocarousel 1920x1080 1920x1080 543260879 | married games news | rogue company | rogue company guide
Rogue Company guide for beginners: Check out tips! | Rogue Company | Rogue Company Guide

At the beginning the game can seem confusing even after doing the tutorial, so we prepared in the Rogue Company Beginners Guide, several tips for you to better understand the game and to send it right at the time of your matches!

Rogue Company Beginner's Guide:

What are the Rogue Company's game modes?

Currently in the game there are two game modes which are:

  • Demolition
  • Charge

The way Demolition it consists of the famous “Disarm the bomb”, present in CS: GO, Valorant, and others. In it, two teams of 4 players each play, where a team (attacker) has to plant the bomb in one of the two spots marked on the map. The other team is the defender, who must be responsible for preventing the other team from planting the bomb, or defusing the bomb if the other team has planted.

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Not so Charge, is a more casual mode, where players have to maintain the dominance of a point marked by the map. In this mode, you can also be reborn if you die, spending a ticket from your team. If the tickets reach zero, the respective team will have no more rebirths available, so once all are eliminated, the enemy team will score.

Anyway, we recommend that you start by playing in mode Charge, due to the fact that you can be reborn several times during the game, giving you more time to understand how the game works and also to test different weapons and different mercenaries.

And what are the mercenaries of the Rogue Company?

Currently, the game is divided into 13 mercenaries, and here in this post, let's give a general overview, however, it may be that when you are viewing this publication, the specific guide for the character you like has already come out, so, one searched here on the website that you can find!

Rogue company beginner's guide: all mercenaries
Rogue Company guide for beginners: Check out tips! | Rogue Company | Rogue Company Guide

In the game you start with 6 freed mercenaries, which are: Anvil, Dallas, Dima, Ronin, Saint and Trench. If you want to acquire other mercenaries, they have a price, which costs from 5000 to 15000 reputation. You earn a reputation for every game you play, as well as doing daily quests that are updated. the number of reputation you gain from each match also depends on your performance within the game; so always give your all in the game!

The mercenaries of the Rogue Company are divided into 6 classes which are:

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  • Defensor
  • Informant
  • Attacker
  • Support
  • Duelists
  • Sniper

The characters Defenders they are characters who faithfully focus on protecting objectives and also delaying the advance of enemies. The characters that currently belong to this class are: Anvil, Trench and Vy.

In the class of Informants, we have characters that help the team as a whole to obtain information about the enemy team and its positioning, giving your team a tactical advantage based on your information. The characters that currently belong to this class are: Dallas and Talon.

Os Strikers they are an offensive class with weapons and skills that give you great control over the map, related to the massive damage they can do, in addition to creating a larger space for your allies, breaking the enemy's defenses. The characters that currently belong to this class are: Dima and Gl1tch.

rogue company: dima
Dima Mercenary

In the class of Support we currently have only one character, which is the mercenary Saint, whose characteristics are to help his allies to rise during combat or to provide all the support necessary for his team to advance.

In the class of Duelists we have most of the characters in the game. This class focuses on characters whose abilities serve to flank the enemy team and cause the greatest amount of damage at close range. The characters that currently belong to this class are: Chaac, Lancer, Ronin and Scorch.

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In the class of Sniper we also currently only have a single character and that is Phantom. This class aims to deal a great deal of long-range damage, in addition to having skills that make you a big “ghost” in the game.

How do game equipment work?

Within the game you earn a certain amount of money between rounds, which is relative to your performance within the game (eliminations, reliving friends, winning the round, etc.). With that money, you can buy some classes of equipment that are:

  • Primary Weapon
  • Secondary
  • Melee
  • Device
  • Advantages

In the Primary Weapon, you have two purchase options, which vary between 2 weapons of different types (machine gun / DMR, for example). Primary weapons can be upgraded up to 3 times after purchasing. In the secondary weapon we have the pistol, which can be evolved twice.

In melee we have the character's melee weapon, which can be thrown away and almost instills the enemy depending on the weapon. Can be upgraded up to 2 times in the store after purchase.

On devices, we have some gadgets that can help you earn points and also help you to eliminate enemies. Some examples like C4, grenades, molotov, etc. They can be upgraded up to two times after purchase.

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In Advantages, we have improvements that stay with the character forever, making him permanently faster, or with a shield, and things like that. The Perks can be purchased only once, but there is no limit on the number you can purchase, being able to buy all the perks if you have the money for it.

Final Considerations of the Rogue Company Beginner's Guide

It is also important to always remember that the game is still in the closed beta phase. So, any bugs you find playing, report it to the developer Hi-rez and wait for it to be resolved. Anyway, the aim of the game is always fun, so if you are really angry in the game, take a breath, see some guides, and then go back to the game and be a very successful mercenary in Rogue Company!

Do you already have some experience in the game and think that we forgot to explain something? Leave your suggestion here in the comments!

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