Malware is Discovered in Round 6 Applications

Games and apps related to TV show can hide threats to your phone

If you are also addicted to Round 6, like the rest of the world that watches Netflix, you may be tempted to download apps from Round 6? A series based game of blockbuster series? Be careful: some developers and hackers have already managed to get malware to disguise itself as a wallpaper app for mobile phones. Round 6 on Google Play, while hundreds of unofficial apps have arrived in the Android app store and may hide unpleasant surprises.

The malicious app, which was downloaded at least 5.000 times before Google detected it and took it out of the store, was discovered by an Android security researcher known as @ReBensk and later analyzed by the ESET Android malware researcher, Lukas Stefanko. Both came to the conclusion that it is a well-known malicious Android software, called “Joker”. In that case, anyone who downloaded the wallpaper app could have been a victim of intrusive advertising scams or subscribed to expensive SMS services without their knowledge.

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"Fried cell phone 1, 2, 3"

Stefanko said it's hard to tell if Google is getting faster at detecting malicious apps that take advantage of viral hits like Round 6, but “would make sense” since malware authors will exploit the popularity of games like 'Fortnite' and “Pokémon”, as well as Covid-19 trackers, and anything else that has become very famous, to spread pests.

Typically, Google checks an app before and after distributing it to Google Play for potential malicious activity, but malware authors often find ways around the tech giant's security barriers.

Various Round 6 Applications Can Hide Malware

Among the unofficial apps, one called “Round 6s — The Game” replicated the famous “Potato Chip 1, 2, 3” game that appeared in the first episode of the show, and despite its basic gameplay, it reached a million installs in just ten days. Stefanko said it wasn't malicious in any way, while the handful of unofficial apps he checked were also benign, as well as displaying lots of ads in the app.

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Round 6 Applications
Keep an eye out when downloading apps

But he added that the threat remains and users should exercise caution when downloading apps from Round 6. “I would be careful when downloading any unofficial apps. Still, if I were to install any of them, I would advise users to read other people's reviews that might suggest what the app is about,” he added.

But what is the True Round 6 game?

There is still no official app for Round 6 for you to play the games in the series, but we can say that there is a more “reliable” and, so far, “cleaner” application for you to download and play the games on the program. For those who want to experience the chilling challenges, now you can play, without the risk of losing your life, in the palm of your hand with the app K-Games Challenge, available to Android e iOS, released by Korean Supercent games.

Round 6 Applications
It's the same game, but without the “Round 6 face”

The game was, until recently, called Squid Games Challenge, but I believe it was removed and replaced by this one because it uses footage from the show. Netflix, without licensing. Above, in the image is K-Games Challenge and, underneath, Squid Games Challenge. The game, in addition to the well-known "Potato Chips 1, 2, 3", "Sugar Bees", "Bullets", "Glass Walkway" and "Cabo de Guerra" and the "Jogo da Lula", which gives its name the series still has other popular Asian country pranks for you to play.

If you want to download the app, just go to the store and browse or click on the links. It offers the same challenges as the series and, so far, is malware or virus free. If you want another game with more “face of Round 6” can take a chance on some other app. This is our recommended app. Talk to us in the comments and let us know if you liked this news and take the opportunity to read more News on our website.

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