Shenhe and Yunjin are confirmed in Genshin Impact

A mysterious human raised among the adepti and an opera singer who loves rock'n'roll are the next characters to join the game

Shenhe and Yunjin are confirmed in Genshin Impact after a lot speculation and rumors that appeared on the internet through leakers, miHoYo through an official post on Facebook, announced the two new characters linked to the nation of Liyue: Shenhe and Yunjin. Confirmation now also officializes your weapons and visions (the object that is given by the game gods and allows manipulation of elements).

Both Yunjin and Shenhe used spears and Yunjin will be a user of the Geo (or earth) element and Shenhe will manipulate the Cryo (ice) element.

The official screenshots also allow us to speculate what their rating will be: Yunjin, by using an ordinary four-star spear, the Dragon's Doom, which has been in the game since its release, could mean she is also a four-star character. . Shenhe, on the other hand, has an unprecedented spear in the game, which may indicate that she will be a five-star character. It's possible that both will come together in the 2.4 version of the game, but so far, it hasn't been confirmed.

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Shenhe and Yunjin are confirmed on Genshin Impact learn more about them

Yunjin ‧ Lucid Stage

Shenhe and yunjin are confirmed

“Yunjin just makes a little presentation at our Tea House, hey! We will earn enough Mora to go a month without working.” — Fan Er'ye, owner of the Heyu Tea House.

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  • Name: Lucid Stage
  • Degree: Current Director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe
  • View: Geo
  • Constellation: Opera Grandis

She is the current director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe, and is also a well-known figure in Liyue Port. With a sweet voice and stylish attire, she is known for her dynamic performances where vast feelings are contained. Whether a daughter of the illustrious family or a powerful and honorable heroine, she can handle it all.

What is most precious about her is her knowledge as a screenwriter. In addition to “The Divine Maiden of Devastation”, the Yun-Han Opera Troupe has released several new operas, all of which are the fruit of Yunjin. However, to people's surprise, Yunjin, always with an elegant demeanor, has a hobby beyond people's knowledge – listening to rock 'n' roll. If you find her at a rock 'n' roll concert in Liyue Harbour, don't tell anyone that. Otherwise, she will get a good lecture.

Shenhe ‧ Solitary Transcendence

Shenhe and yunjin are confirmed

“Having traveled the world, the people who received my tutelage are countless, but among them, Shenhe is the most authentic with me. If she weren't a mortal, I'd even like to keep her by my side.” – Cloud Retainer

  • Name: Solitary Transcendence
  • Degree: Ethereal Soul in the Midst of the Mortal Realm
  • View: Cryo
  • Constellation: doloris crest

Born into a family of exorcists, but for certain reasons was accepted as a disciple by the Cloud Retainer. For Shenhe, the Cloud Retainer is a wise master who loves good conversation. For Cloud Retainer, Shenhe stands out as a special young woman among all the mortals she has ever tutored.

As a mortal, living together with the Adepti is not an easy thing, but she has a unique constitution, immensely strong resilience and a great talent for adept arts, earning Adepti recognition. However, several years of practicing Adepti art and living a life eating divine herbs and drinking mountain dew keep her further and further away from humans, and she was even mistakenly regarded as a mysterious white-haired Adeptus.

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The occasional sharpness in her personality and the red string tied to her body add to her "mystery." If your past were written as a story, there would be multiple versions.

Be it an Adeptus or a white-haired witch, what do people think of this mysterious girl? The secrets and feelings she has been hiding are just as hard to capture, as is the fog between the mountains.

Shenhe's Leaked Gameplay

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New prayer system takes effect in version 2.3

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Version 2.3 banner

In addition to the characters, it will also air a new character prayer system. In the new version two prayer banners, with different 5-star characters, will be made available to players, sharing the same wish counts. Which means that even if you make all your wishes on one character banner, once you reach the guaranteed wish, if you say your prayer on the other, you will get the five-star character of the banner you wanted. Complicated? Let's try to make it easy:

In version 2.3 there will be two promotional wish banners, one containing Albedo and the other Eula, and both banners will have Rosália, Bennett and Noelle as the four-star characters, in addition to the weapons banner and the common banner. There will be 4 banners in total. By praying 90 prayers, you are guaranteed a five-star character on the banner. If you pray 89 prayers on the Albedo banner and the last prayer on the Eula banner, then the five-star character could be Eula and not Albedo, even if all the other 89 prayers were on his banner.

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If, in these banners, in your guaranteed wish, you don't get the five-star character from the banner (if in the case above, instead of Eula, you get a Jean), in the next banner you are guaranteed to get the character from the banner. If, in this case, the next banners are, Shenhe and Itto, for example, it is guaranteed that you will get the character of the banner you shoot.

A good idea for miHoYo to make players who want to have all the characters they like have to spend money on the game, as both banners will be launched at the same time. Contact us in the comments and let us know if you liked this new feature. Did you find the new characters cool? Enjoyed the new wish system? Comment and enjoy to read more News on our website.

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