Find out who Shenhe is at Genshin Impact

League of Redemptor of the Clouds and user of the cryo element spear. Shenhe is one of the characters who can still make their appearance in Teyvat's world.

Have you ever heard of the character Shenhe in Genshin Impact? Maybe you haven't heard of it, but if you're a longtime player, chances are you've seen it before. With the arrival of version 2.2 of Genshin Impact and more content for Inazuma, miHoYo hasn't left behind the release of characters from nations we've already visited. This was made clear by the introduction of two characters during the story of “God of the Stove” that showed us the origin of the bear Gouba and deepened the story of the characters Xiangling and Keqing a little more.

Shenhe is one of the supposed next characters to arrive on Genshin Impact. Originating from Liyue, she supposedly has ties to the Cloud Redeemer and other Adepti, but despite that ties to the adeptus of the skies, she will not have an Anemo vision. Here's what we know about her so far, including her release date and abilities. Making it clear that it's all speculation and leaks! we show here that some leaks have even been disproved, therefore, not everything that is said here can be real when the character is actually released.

Shenhe in genshin impact
Two characters revealed during the event

Who is Shenhe on Genshin Impact?

Shenhe, or Shen He, is one of the characters that appeared in a leaked character image that was released almost around the time of the game's release, along with others that have already been released today such as Hu Tao, Thoma, Kazuha and Rosaria and others that have disappeared, such as Yao Yao, and one that reappeared in the story released in the event “Stroking the Moon Gently”. The image is the one below.

Shenhe was leaked from the start
Shenhe was leaked from the start

Since then, almost all of her traces have been removed from the game code. However, fans are hopeful that another Liyue character will join the cast. There are growing suspicions, as Inazuma's expansion begins, that she will be released in Genshin Impact – at least as soon as this great story arc ends. Here's what we know about Shenhe so far, including his release date and rumored abilities. Some of the information was taken from the user's Twitter Huzimin.

Shenhe release date on Genshin Impact

Although it was first revealed in November 2020, Shenhe does not have a planned release date for Genshin Impact. In fact, we don't even know if it will ever be released. Several characters that appeared in the same datamine were released, including Hu Tao, Rosaria, Kazuha, Kokomi and Sayu, as noted above. It may just be a matter of time before she appears.

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A leak suggested a release date for patch 2.4 – the same as Itto – so keep an eye out for early 2022.

Shenhe's story in Genshin Impact

Little is known about Shenhe's history, other than the fact that she comes from Liyue. However, as more information about the story – and in-game information – becomes available, we'll definitely update it.

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Some expressions of Shenhe

What do they say about her?

Until the release of Version 2.2, Shenhe was not mentioned anywhere in the game, but currently there are some mentions of the character in the bios of some inhabitants of the nation of Liyue:

According to Ganyu, from what she has heard through the Cloud Redeemer, Shenhe is someone who is easily irritated and she obliterates her surroundings when her temper gets the better of her. Xingqiu says he is suspicious of her, as she gives him a “fierce” look and wonders if he offended her or someone close to her. Regarding her appearance, Hu Tao sees Shenhe as a unique individual, considering her very different from anyone else and that she is "pure" and "untouched".

A curious detail is that Chogyun, Ningguang and Xiao's lines about her are blocked by the character's friendship level with Traveler and under the condition of completing a quest that is not yet available in the game. That means, maybe in the future, there will be a mission or event where we will interact with her and, after that, get these characters' opinions about her.

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Shenhe Skills

Shenhe was originally designed to be a character with a Cryo vision, however, with most references to her disappearance in the game's code, it's likely that she's been completely reworked or doesn't show up at all.

His name means "God of the Crane", so many suspect that his abilities may be linked to Liyue's Cloud Retainer. However, this is all speculation for now, with no solid details from miHoYo about Shenhe's kit.

The weapon she will wield?

Early data suggested that Shenhe would be a Spademan character, but as there are a few other Spademan characters waiting, including the oni Itto, this has changed several times, from Spademan to Catalyst and, most recently, Spear.

There were also rumors that Shenhe would be a five-star character, like a “5-star Rosaria”. If that's the case, she would be launched with her own unique weapon on a banner at the same time. There are no details about this, however.

What's right in upcoming updates?

So far, what's right in the game is what will be released with version 2.2 of the game, with the arrival of the rerun of the Hu Tao and Tartaglia Banners. Both five-star characters, she being a pyro lancer and the second a hydro element archer. In addition to these, we will also have the release of Thomas, a pyro spearman capable of generating shields.

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There will still be, sometime soon, the launch of the geo archer, Gorou, who was introduced as a resistance general to the Vision Hunting Decree and subordinate to the priestess Sangonomya Kokomi, whose banner ends today, 12/10.

Itto, Gorou and Thomas
Itto, Gorou and Thomas

The biggest news was the revelation of the character Arataki Itto, a sword user of the geo element, who, in his illustration, uses a big club, leaving players excited with the possibility of a weapon with a different look than the traditional broadswords of the game (the only one that differs in this category is the “ 3 Star Cudgeon of Reason, which, despite being categorized as a great sword, is actually a big bat)

Now, leave in the comments, what did you think of the information. Do you think we'll have Shenhe included in the game someday? Excited for the Itto banner? Or are you saving gems for Thoma or Gorou? Contact us and read more News on our website.

Source: Huzimin

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